How Well You Bounce

guest post by Ryan Culby, Asbury Hills Director

Our mission at Asbury Hills is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal.  We engage campers in awesome worship, fun and challenging activities, and create endless opportunities to make and grow friendships.  As camping professionals, we’re also learning that parents are looking to give their kids opportunities to develop character traits that are linked to success later in life.  Lately those character values have been termed “grit” and “resilience.”  Someone who has “grit” shares some of these attributes: social / emotional intelligence, empathy, ability to overcome fear, personal insight, ability to communicate, flexibility, intentionality, and morality.

So how might one develop this grit?  Funny you should ask.  Send them to camp of course!  But not just any camp.  There has to be more than just activities and fun.  Campers need to be able to take challenges and place meaning on them.  What better way is there than to talk about activities and the hand that God played in them than the small group camping offered at Asbury Hills?

Resilience is only developed though experience.  Can you remember your first night away from home?  What helped?  What tools did you have?  Have you ever pushed yourself in an activity and found you could do more than you thought?  Where did your drive come from?  Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and made a new friend from it?  We’d like to think that everything we do helps create opportunities for kids to grow- grow in their faith, grow friendships, and grow in their own self-worth.  We also firmly believe growth and choice are firmly tied together.  If you force someone – they aren’t growing.  However with positive encouragement and a little grit, kids can really do some amazing things.


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