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What to Pack?

The first week of staff training begins this week with band rehearsals, leadership training, summer prep, ropes training, and lifeguard training. Next week, all of our staff will arrive to start two weeks of full staff training. This means that summer camp is only three weeks away!   Many families are starting to gather together the essentials. Some campers are already packed and ready to come to camp. Others are just trying to make it through the end of the school year and haven’t even thought about what they will bring to camp. Regardless of where you are, here are some commonly asked questions with answers about what to bring to camp.

What kinds of clothes should I bring?
As a general rule, we recommend bringing any clothes that you don’t mind if they don’t make it home in the same condition they came in or don’t come home at all. We work hard to keep the cabins orderly, campers clean, and all belonging with their original owner. However, it is camp and sometimes stuff gets misplaced or really dirty.


What are water shoes?
We have many water activities at camp including canoeing, creek hiking, and the Cascades waterfall. All these activities require shoes, and these shoes will get wet. Water shoes are really just having an extra pair of shoes so campers have dry shoes to change into and prevent blisters. These can be an old pair of tennis shoes, Keens or something similar work great, or any other sturdy, closed toe shoes. (For reasons as to why closed toe shoes are important, click here.)


How should I bring medication?
If you child takes a medication on a regular basis, bring it to camp. We need for prescription medications to be in the prescribed bottle with the dosing instructions. If you bring meds in a plastic bag or pill sorter without the prescription information, we cannot give the medication. If it is over the counter, like a Zyrtec, bring it in its original bottle.

We don’t want you to bring over the counter medications that your camper may need. We have medications for all kind of camper aliments (for a full list please refer to the camper health form). It makes it much easier on our nurse to give medications from our supply should a camper need them instead of keeping up with bottles brought from home.


What can my camper not bring?
For the full list, please refer to the link below, but in general, we don’t want your camper to bring anything that distract from his/her experience at camp. Food and drinks invite bugs and other critters to make their home in your camper’s cabin. No one wants that. Cell phones, music players, and video games distract from the beautiful natural setting Asbury Hills is located in, but more importantly, hinder the formation of relationships. I’m sure all of you have seen a group of youth sitting together, but all looking down at their cell phone or video game. We want our campers to form real relationships with each other, and we have found removing technology greatly helps this process.

cabin friends

For the full list of what to bring and what not to bring, click on the camper information kit here.



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Meet the Camp Pastor

Guest post by Kenny Maple

I’ve really been anticipating this summer – my fifth at Asbury Hills. They’ve not been consecutive; I last worked at camp the summer of 2006. My summers at camp mostly consisted of maintenance work. I was proud to serve the camp through the cutting of grass, the cleaning of bathrooms, the removal of garbage from the premises, and also the coveted job of assisting in the maintenance of the waste water treatment plant. I enjoyed this work immensely. Seriously, I did.

This summer is different. I’ll be serving in the capacity of camp pastor, and I’m beyond excited.

I spent the last year and a half serving as a missionary in Sofia, Bulgaria. There I was involved in a number of efforts like discipleship, small group ministry, and sports ministry. These projects had me working with gypsies and orphans and refugees and children. I loved it. God blessed me with those opportunities.

Previously, I served as the director of youth ministry at Fairview Presbyterian church in Fountain Inn, SC.  I also spent time as a missionary in Poland.  (To learn more about this, check out Kenny’s book.) I have a Master of Arts in practical ministry from Erskine Theological Seminary and a Bachelors of Arts in English from Lander University. I’m passionate about missions and making disciples. I also really love sports, music, writing, and this camp.

Kenny Maple
Zephaniah 3:9

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