Join the Summer Staff

Monday marks the start of staff hiring, and we are so excited to see who God has to join our ministry.  Want to know more about the Asbury Hills summer staff experience?  Read Paige’s reflections:

DSC_0844 copyMy contract reads, “Photographer and Videographer” but there is so much more to what I do as a summer staffer at Asbury Hills. So much goes into making the week the best week of each individual camper’s life. Some weeks there are only 50 campers but some weeks we break 150 campers, easy. If my job title in my contract read exactly what I do, it would sound something more like, “DVD making, name tag creating, sometimes mail delivering, stand in camp store working, dining hall music DJing, mural painting, white truck driving, s’more assisting, sometimes counselor, alpine tower belaying, band aid getting, golf cart driving, fire building, laundry doing, energizer leading, table setting, creek hiking, cascade jumping, home in the woods visiting, smile making, hug giving, coffee delivering, rocking chair rocking, Bible reading, praising and signing, life time friend making, photographer and videographer.” In my eyes, I have the best job because I get to walk around a beautiful camp and capture the moments of each camper’s experience. The campers, however, are only the half of it. I most definitely work at Asbury Hills to change camper’s lives but I also am surrounded by some of the greatest people. I often say that camp friends are the best friends and I mean it one hundred percent. Some of my closest friends are people I met at camp. The bonds that we build in our own little community are unbreakable. I find myself not even worrying about what is going on in the “real world” because why worry? I have my closest friends right there with me. Trying to explain this bond to non camp friends is the hardest but also the funniest because they will never understand. I could relate basically anything to camp and my real world friends hate me for it. Personally, I think it is out of jealously because I work at the greatest place ever but I could be slightly bias. I once looked up the definition of what a summer camp was and what gave me was this, “a camp, especially one for children during the summer, providing facilities for sleeping and eating, and usually for handicrafts, sports, etc.”   No offense to the people who wrote that but they left out all the good stuff!! After working two summers at Asbury Hills, I think that the definition should read something more like this, “a camp, especially for children who want to have the time of their lives, providing high energy, smiling staff members doing everything they possibly can to make that summer memorable for the children, and usually for trying new things, growing spiritually, and making lifelong friends.” I think I am pretty spot on, but, again, I may be bias.

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One thought on “Join the Summer Staff

  1. Kelli

    Awesome description, Paige! Thanks for sharing!

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