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Letting Your Camper [almost] Pack Themselves

by Sarah Kelley

We are a little more than five weeks out from the start of summer camp.  This means we are beginning to see the full spectrum of packing styles.  There are one or two campers who are so excited to come to camp, they are already mostly packed.  Their favorite, old T-shirt and creek shoes are already stowed away carefully in their trunk.  There are also moms who have the packing list tacked up on a fridge or board with items still needed highlighted to be picked up on future shopping trips.  There are also moms (like me) who typically start doing laundry the day before leaving for a trip and haven’t even thought about packing for camp yet.  Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of planning and packing, here are three reasons why your campers should be included in the packing process.

DSCN34311. They will know what they have, and when they should wear it.
Bought a special pair of shoes for water activities? Want your nine-year-old son to know where his extra underwear is?  Does your daughter have a pair of pants that would be great for a long hike but terrible for tree climbing?  Packing with your camper is a great time to have these conversations in a way they will be more likely to remember what they are supposed to wear when (and yes, please change your underwear daily).

DSCN35692. Begin developing confidence before camp even begins.
Summer camp at Asbury Hills is a great place for campers to explore and worship in God’s creation, try new things, make new friends, and more.  All of these things help campers develop confidence in who they are and what they can do.  If your child has never had to pack for a trip before, this is a great way to begin developing confidence in new skills.  Give them the list, and have them begin to pick out their clothes, towels, and shampoo. (While being there to be sure that her brand new glittery boots don’t get packed, but things like her toothbrush do.)

DSCN36393. They will be able to pack their stuff back up at the end of the week.
Being a former camp counselor myself, this may actually the most important reason to let your campers pack themselves for camp.  Most moms and dads I know have packing down to an art form.  If you fold the sheets in thirds before rolling them, socks go in the ziploc bag, outfits are folded together with the t-shirt on top – it leaves just enough room to slide the Bible in before zipping the bag up.  The problem with this is, mom and dad won’t be there on Friday to pack everything back up.  So what typically happen is one of two things.  The counselor in the cabin ends up packing everyone’s bags which takes infinitely more time OR extra items that no longer fit inside the allocated suitcase get stuffed in pillowcases, backpacks, etc.  If your campers packs themselves before camp begins, it greatly increases the likelihood they will be able to pack themselves back up to come home. And bonus points – it also increases the likelihood your stuff won’t end up here.


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Introducing Summer Camp Worship Leader – Paul Schloss

In March, we introduced our summer camp theme of Contend.  Last week, we introduced you to our summer camp pastor, Terry Wood.  Now we are excited to introduce Paul Schloss, Summer Camp Worship Leader.

PaulPaul Schloss grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He became a follower of Jesus at a young age and began playing music, starting off as the drummer in a band with his two brothers, and then playing worship music with bands at various events and at churches. During this time, Paul became a self-taught piano player and started writing music.

During Paul’s early college years, he served with a camp ministry for a couple of years playing in the worship band, leading as a worship leader, leading bible studies for students in the summer, facilitating activities, and hosting retreats. God began stirring a passion in Paul for using music in various ways to share the gospel.

Returning home to Detroit, Paul became the worship leader for the college ministry at his church and served as the worship leader for a church plant. Paul also began traveling on weekends, playing in different bands, leading worship and speaking for youth events and retreats and writing songs for various musical projects.

Paul loves sharing his story and says, “I am amazed, humbled, and truly blessed that I get to use music to lead others in worshiping Him.”

Paul has a heart burdened for youth, especially those who look to music for help. Paul says, “I want young people to realize no matter what they’re going through, true and lasting peace, joy, comfort, and purpose can only be found in Jesus.” Paul has a desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone through music and worship.

Paul currently serves as a worship leader and he will be recording his debut worship album “All Praise is Yours” during the Fall of 2015.

Paul 2

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Introducing Summer Camp Pastor – Terry Wood

A couple weeks ago, we announced the Summer Camp 2015 theme – Contend. (If you missed that, read about it here.)  Now we want to introduce you to the man who’s going to lead the way.

terry woodTerry Wood is from east Tennessee. His father is the music minister and his mother plays the piano at the church where Terry grew up. Looking back, Terry counts that as one of the greatest blessings of his life—having parents that did not drop him off at church but took him to church. God became real to Terry late in high school and since then, he has tried to serve God faithfully, wherever God called him.

After growing up in music ministry, leading worship at churches and at events, Terry answered the call to student ministry, where he has served for over 15 years at various churches. It has always been a passion and goal of Terry’s ministry to see students “own their faith”—where it’s not just something they hear from his teaching or from pastors or parents, but it becomes something that’s living and growing inside them that they are pursuing in their daily lives.

In 2008 Terry released the album “Collideoscope,” which is somewhat of a snapshot of all that Terry does with worship and ministry because, as he says, “There’s something on there for everybody.”

As Terry describes it, “The goal of my life and ministry is just to be a ‘blank check’ for God to fill in whenever and however He chooses, and I’m blessed to have a wife and kids that feel the same way.” Being a husband and a father, Terry says that his family is his number one ministry. Terry married Shannon in 1994 and they have two sons and a daughter—Taylor (16), Mary Elizabeth (12), and Peyton (7). Terry and his family live in Easley, South Carolina.

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