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Recap: Hands and Feet Youth Service Weekend

On February 26, 170 people gathered at Asbury Hills for a weekend of Christian fellowship and service.  Here’s the highlights:

  • 170 people
  • 1020 total hours of work
  • Projects Completed:
    • Adopt-A-Highway
    • Mulched the Lake Chapel
    • Began to expand the Mountain Chapel
    • Raked leaves and cleaned around the cabins and dining hall
    • Removed pool cover
    • Cleaned pool office and pool deck
    • Cleaned and set up pool deck chairs
    • Began cleaning and clearing Sky Ranche property for summer activities
    • Split logs
    • Washed and cleaned cabin windows and doors
    • Cleaned inside the dining hall

To give this amount of work a little perspective – if our facilities manager, Kevin, completed this work himself by working 8 hour days, Monday-Friday, he would finish the above listed projects on August 23.  Summer Camp 2016 ends on August 5.


Hands and Feet weekend was also a great weekend of worship.  Pastor Andrew Wolfe shared the message with those gathered about avoiding the temptation of mediocrity and empowering the students by letting them know that they were all created with a purpose.  Friday evening worship centered around the story of Jonah.  Andrew shared that most temptations are thought of being drawn towards something that we shouldn’t do, but in reality, temptations are simply drawing us away from Christ.  He challenged the students in their service projects Saturday to avoid the temptation to joke with friends about how hard the work was, but to instead focus their hearts on God.  Andrew encouraged those working to use their time of service to pray that those would use the areas they were working on would be able to experience God in new ways.

It was a great weekend, and we are all excited to see how God will use the work completed to better serve our campers and guests in the days to come.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all who came to serve!IMG_0635

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