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National Camera Day

National Camera Day is observed on June 29th each year.  If it wasn’t for this incredible invention, some of the best moments at camp wouldn’t be captured.  As a photographer, I can truly appreciate this fantastic invention.

For those not as photography savvy, let’s compare the camera to the human eye. Obviously, there are a few differences but the similarities are rather interesting.  Have you ever watched someone’s pupil get bigger or smaller? I am sure you noticed that when the lighting is very bright, the pupil is smaller and darker lighting, it gets bigger.  Essentially a camera works the same way.  A photographer will open the passage for light in dark settings and vice versa in lighter settings.  I find that to be one of the coolest comparisons that someone decided to model a camera off of the human eye.

At Asbury Hills, all moments are special and we do our best to capture them for others to see.  Without this camera invention, sharing those incredible moments wouldn’t be possible!  In honor of National Camera Day, here are some shots taken by the photographers at camp over the last few years.



Can you imagine camp without capturing these moments to relive? I can’t.



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Introducing Summer Camp Pastor Chris

We’re down to the last camp pastor and four days until the start of summer camp!  So far, you’ve met Andrew, Laura Allen, John Luke, Terry, Laurie, Ken, Sarah, and Scott.  Today we want you to meet Chris Lynch.  He’s a congregational specialist for the SC United Methodist Church and is passionate about helping students live into their calling.  Here’s ten questions to help you get to know him as well.


  1. What is your favorite superhero? 
    Old School: The Green Lantern.  New School:  Capt. America
  2. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
    I want to fly.  Driving time would be gone for good.
  3. Have you played any sports? 
    Basketball mainly, but played a little of everything as a kid.
  4. What are you hobbies? 
    Golf, BBQ competitions, hunting, anything outdoors
  5. Favorite movie?
    Comedy:  Christmas Vacation  Other: Lord of the Rings


  6. Favorite vacation spot?
    Anywhere with water.
  7. If you had to live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  8. Favorite TV show?
    The Blacklist
  9. Favorite childhood memory? 
    Exploring my grandma and grandpas farm with my brother for two weeks every summer. It was an Adventureland in our minds.
  10. What are you most looking forward to about your time at Asbury Hills?
    Meeting young people and hearing their stories of the intersections of faith and life.


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