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Changing the World

Welcome! It is my pleasure to welcome you as a camper, staffer, mother or father, grandparent or guardian, supporter, donor, prayer warrior, sponsor, alumni member, liker of Facebook, follower of Instagram or clicker of one of the Asbury Hills ads.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to being an important member to the ministry that happens in the small town of Cleveland, South Carolina.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to being a very important partner to one of the camps found on The Center for Faith and Service’s 2016 list of Summer Camps that Change the World!

Yes! You read that correctly!

Asbury Hills is considered to be one the summer camps of 2016 that is changing the world. How incredible does that seem to know you are a part of something so fantastic?  What constitutes a summer camp that is changing the world? Wayne Meisel, the Executive Director of the Center for Faith and Service says that “the 2016 list includes camps that embody the joy, hope and power of the summer camp experience.”

Where can you find joy at Asbury hills? Easy.  Look to the faces of campers trying the Canopy Tour for the first time.  Look to the faces of the campers when they see the gorgeous view of Table Rock and Caesar’s Head atop the Alpine Tower.  Listen to the sounds coming from the rec shelter during worship times.  Listen to the bellowing sounds of laughter of campers enjoying energizers before every meal.

How about finding hope at Asbury Hills? That is also easy.  Look to the counselor’s faces when they are waiting for their timid campers to try the obstacles at the Funky Site.  Look to the rec staffers who are encouraging campers to make it to the top of the Rock Wall.  Look at the faces of campers cheering on their fellow camper as they climb to the top of the Leap of Faith in hopes of ringing the bell.

Where is the power at Asbury Hills?  This will call for looking behind the scenes.  Look at the energy Lead Staff puts in to preparing counselors and rec staff for the summer.  Look to the full time staff at Asbury Hills who work year round preparing for summer campers.  Look to the band members who spend countless hours preparing their hearts and voices to lead campers in worship.  Look to the videographers and photographers who cover every foot of camp to make sure memories are captured.

It is hard to imagine a world without summer camp considering many of us grew up attending.  Thankfully, we don’t have to live in that dreaded reality.  If it wasn’t for summer camp, we wouldn’t have those life long friends.  (We all know that #CampFriendsAreTheBestFriends.)  If it wasn’t for summer camp, we wouldn’t be experts at trying new things and enjoying life sans technology.  If it wasn’t for summer camp, we might know know God as well as we do.  We might not have crossed paths with someone who stayed in our lives forever.  Without summer camp, life as we know it could be totally different.

Mr. Meisel from Center for Faith and Service also said that “summer camps have a defining place in our culture.”It sure feels great to know that Asbury Hills Summer Camp is considered a camp that has that defining place in our culture.

It it feels great to be a part of something that is changing the world.

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A Well Deserved Week Off

The summer staffers of Asbury Hills work very hard to ensure our campers are having the time of their lives when they attend summer camp.  A summer staffer’s job is a tough one but extremely rewarding.  While it is obvious our summer staffers love their job, they definitely need time to re-energize and get geared up for the second half of the summer. It is extremely hard to pour into others without being spiritually full yourself.  Our summer staffers love pouring into our precious campers each week but they also spend time ensuring they are spiritually equipped themselves.  In order to make a deep impact on our campers and fellow summer staffers, our foundations in Jesus Christ must be equally as deep.

Please join us in keeping these summer staffers in your prayers not only throughout the summer but this week in particular.  While some of our summer staffers are at camp this week preparing for the second half of the summer, many are enjoying their week off at the beach or with family and friends. Prayers for their hearts and souls to be filled with energy and love for these campers.  Prayers for their minds and bodies to be energized and full of life.  Prayers that the Lord will continue to work in their lives and the lives of our campers.


These wonderful summer staffers are looking forward to the second half of #TrekWithAH and we hope you are, too!!

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