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Summer Staff Tell All

As you are aware, Asbury Hills is a summer camp that is changing the world! Of course, this is something we already knew but the Center for Faith and Service made it official a few months ago. (If you didn’t know this or missed the blog post about it, make it a point to check it out.) The June 2016 press release regarding the release of this list made an extremely important point.

“In my own experiences, it was the encounter with role models –  camp counselors who were often only a few years older than I – that provided a footprint for how I wanted to live my life into adulthood.”

-Wayne Meisel, Executive Director of The Center for Faith and Service

So there it says, camp counselors have a direct impact on camper’s lives.  At Asbury Hills, being on summer staff is a lot more than working a summer job.  Summer staffers have a huge list of growing duties.  Some include, but are not limited to, making sure lights out is 10:30 sharp, making sure campers are stepping outside their comfort zone, being sure campers are drinking enough water, encouraging them to pass their swim test, cheering them on as they jump off the rock at the Cascades, triple checking their safety as the zip through the forest, and coming up with the best cheer during energizers.

Yes, being a summer staffer means you will directly impact campers but it also means a direct impact on yourself. 

I can speak from experience that working for the summer at Asbury Hills is life changing.  Life changing not only for the campers but for myself.  The difference between the person I was before my first summer working for Asbury Hills and the person I am now, 4 years later, is huge! I owe it all to those hills that surely changed my life forever.

Does this sound like something you want to experience? Do you know someone who would be perfect for this job? Keep reading to see what this summer’s staff has to say about working for Asbury Hills and then send this post to everyone you know!


BROOKE BRABHAM 2 years rec staff, 1 year rec coordinator
“Working at Asbury Hills has brought me a second family and a place to call home.  I have learned so much about myself through the kids that come each summer.  It really has helped shape me into who I am in my faith today.”

dillonfor real

DILLON DAVIS 1 year counselor
“Working as a counselor has made me realize the importance of love in the life of a Christian. Everything we do here is motivated by a love for the kids because we want them to see Jesus in us.  It is only then that we truly make a difference.”

trevor 4

TREVOR BROCK 1 year photographer
“Working at Asbury was an unbelievable experience.  The fact that I was a camper, then CIT, and now a summer staff member made it all worth it.  I got to see every angle of how He moves.”






JARVIS JOHNSON 1 year counselor
“Working at Asbury Hills is the best thing ever because I grew in my faith with Jesus and lost weight.”

Pray for these summer staffers as they transition back into the ‘real world’. Take time to pray on this and seek God in His plans for you next summer.  If you feel lead to serve His Kingdom at Asbury Hills, then there is a place for.

Summer 2016 wrapped up just days ago and I can assure you that those summer 2016 staffers made friends that they will have for the rest of their lives.  After spending 3 months with a group of people they met in May, their lives are changed and yours could be, too. Keep your eyes peeled for when the application to work at Asbury Hills for Summer 2017 opens and I will be sure to let you know as soon as it does.


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