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Early Registration

Early registration for summer camp is something we push at Asbury Hills for many reasons.  What are those reasons? I am so glad you asked!

REASON 1: Saving

Your first thought will probably be saving money and you’re not wrong! If you register early for summer camp, you can lock in with the 2016 rates.  Every year, we evaluate how much it costs us to run camp and more times than not, the price has to go up.  If you register your camper early,  you can ensure you are paying the exact same price you paid for the Summer Camp 2016 spot.  Act quickly because this offer will not last long! You can register your camper now for summer 2017 but early registration will be short lived.  After the new year, we will say farewell to both 2016 and 2016 rates for summer camp.  Your window to register with the 2016 rates will come to a close December 30, 2016 so act fast!

What else can you save? Time. You can save your precious time by registering early. If you register early, you already know the date you are sending your precious camper to Asbury Hills.  Already knowing that date means you can plan ahead.  While this summer has only just ended, next summer will creep up on us faster than we can say “I love Asbury Hills”! If you register early, you have extra time to plan and make sure everything is squared away to send off your camper.

REASON 2: Space

While we have over a dozen different options for your camper, our space is limited.  If you are a seasoned camper/guardian of a camper, you know that spaces fill quickly.  Typically, the spaces for adventure camps like Drenched and Expedition fill up the quickest. There are options for every week of the summer (except for the week of 4th of July) and for each week, there are different types of camps you can register for depending on your camper.  Even though there are eight weeks of camp offered, the type of camp your camper wants may not be offered every week.  For example, if your elementary camper wants to do a week of Core Camp, there are four weeks that is offered of the eight we run camp. Needless to say, spots will fill up quickly and if you don’t register early, you may miss out.


REASON 3: Planning

Those short weeks of summer fill up quickly with family vacation trips, sports practices and many other things we enjoy doing in the summer.  If you register early for camp, you can go ahead and mark that week on your calendar to make sure you don’t have any planning mishaps.  It is the worst when something this double planned or forgotten.  Registering early for camp will make sure you get the week that works best for your family and you can make sure it is on the calendar early.



  • Plan ahead. Check out the 2017 calendar and plan the best week for you and your family.
  • Have your method of payment ready. You will be prompted to pay online with a card so if you have it ready, you can breeze right through the registration process.
  • Download your 2016 Medical Form. Download your medical form from 2016 (in your 2016 registration details) to use as a reference for filling out the 2017 medical form.
  • Make sure you have options.  In the event that the camp you pick for a specific week isn’t available, be sure you are ready to give other options.  The earlier you register, the better your chances are.
  • Don’t fear the wait list. The wait list isn’t a definite ‘no’ to your first choice.  Things come up and people cancel.  There is always a chance, even if it is small.


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Early registration is open for Summer 2017.  All early registration forms must be received by December 30, 2016.

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