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Fall Festival: The Wrap

Fall Festival 2016 has come and it has gone! We had a blast!  Everything ran smoothly and we had a great turnout.

If you came to Fall Festival, you got to enjoy some nice, fall weather.  You also got to enjoy the sounds of the Saggy Bottom Boys as they played bluegrass music for all in earshot to hear.


If you joined us on October 22nd, you probably also ate lunch in our dining hall to get the true camp experience! You probably enjoyed a BBQ sandwich or a good old hot dog.  You also probably took a hayride to get at tour of camp!


If you and your family came to our Fall Festival, I bet you, or a family member, tried to climb the rock wall.  Maybe you opted for a bigger challenge and attempted the Alpine Tower! You might have also tested your abilities at our archery range.  With either activity, hopefully you enjoyed trying something new or testing out your skills.

If this wasn’t your first Fall Festival with Asbury Hills, then you knew you would get a chance to get some Apple Butter that was made and jarred at Asbury Hills.  You also knew that you would get to watch apples being pressed making fresh apple cider on the spot.

What kind of day would it be if you didn’t spend a few moments in a rocking chair beside an open fire? It wouldn’t be a day at Asbury Hills, that is for sure.

Hopefully you got the chance to bring your family or just yourself to our Fall Festival this year.  If you did, then thank you so much for making the trip! If you missed it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s Fall Festival because it is the perfect family activity with something for everyone!  Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see more photos.  As always, you can find more information about Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center right here and questions can be directed to 864.836.3711.

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Fall Festival: Don’t Miss Out!

Fall festival is a week away and we are thrilled!

–Saturday, October 22nd from 10AM-5PM at Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center

Fall Festival is an annual festival at Asbury Hills that is open to the community.  You can expect a great view of camp and the sound of bluegrass music.  You can expect to see your favorite summer staffers and try some activities.  You can expect to see camp in a light that is very different from summer!

If you end up not making it to this year’s Fall Festival, here is what you will miss out on:

Bluegrass music filling the air.

The Saggy Bottom Boys will be sharing their gift of bluegrass music for all to hear.  Nothing says the mountain air and fall like bluegrass music.

DSC_0047 copy


Activities you or your camper did in the summer will be open.

Do you remember hearing your camper go on and on about how they got to the top of the Rock Wall? Now they can prove it.  Have you heard about the view from the top of our Alpine Tower? Now you can see it for yourself. (You get a full view of Table Rock and Caesar’s Head that is breathtaking.) Remember the great shots of the lake? Now you can see it for yourself in a canoe!

Summer Staffers will be there.

This is the greatest reunion between summer staffers and campers.  Is there a summer staffer that your camper raved about? There is a chance some will make it Fall Festival.

Apple Butter and Apple Cider

We make apple butter on site throughout the year so it is ready for you to take home! You can even press your own Apple Cider on site during Fall Festival. These will be available with a suggested donation towards camper scholarships.

Hayride and Face Painting

What is a fall festival without hayrides and face painting? If you take a hayride at camp, you also get a tour of camp, too! Top the day off with a small pumpkin on your cheek and you’ve had the true Fall Festival experience.


We hope to see you at this year’s Fall Festival!

Click here for more information.

There is something about the fall in the mountains that is breath taking.  Asbury Hills is over 2,000 acres of gorgeousness regardless of the season, we can all agree, but being at Asbury Hills during the fall is something special.  The colors of the leaves reflect on the lake and Mountain Chapel has amplified beauty with fall colors in the trees.  The paths are spiced up with reds, oranges, and yellows and the cool, crisp air makes a camp fire even more inviting.


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Fall is Here!

Fall is here! Well, it is supposed to be here.  The mornings around camp are getting a little cooler and the leaves are slowly starting to change. If you are a summer camper, you know Asbury Hills in the summer.  Have you ever seen it in the fall?


Remember the way the trees reflect in the lake? You may even know the reflection trick that if you stand on the bank by the lake, hang your head upside down and look through your legs, the view is the same. 

Remember how the trees, full of green leaves, hang over Matthew’s creek just right?

Remember how you can see green trees for miles from Mountain Chapel?

Remember how you can see Table Rock and Caesar’s head surrounded by full, green trees when you are standing on top of the Alpine Tower?

All of these things are great sights to see in the summer, for sure. But if you haven’t seen them in the fall then you are missing out!

Imagine the lake with the leaves reflecting in the lake.  Now, imagine those leaves are gorgeous shades of yellow, red and orange. Beautiful, right? The view is also just as beautiful from the Lake Chapel.


Imagine the trees that keep cover over Matthew’s creek. Now, picture them full of orange, red and yellow leaves that are starting to fall and float down the creek.


Imagine the view from Mountain Chapel and how you can see mountains covered in green trees for miles.  Now, turn those green trees to yellow, red and orange trees and you have a gorgeous sight to see!

It is officially fall and we couldn’t be more excited because fall means Fall Festival!!  Click the link to see what all Fall Festival has to offer and stay tuned for more fun fall updates!


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