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Sponsor a Summer Staff

Summer staffers spend the entire summer pouring into our campers and lifting each other up.  Summer staffers work all week, every week, like it is the first week of camp to make sure our campers have the best experience possible! Sound simple? Oh, it couldn’t be farther from a simple task.

What is it like to be on summer staff at Asbury Hills?

lifeguardClick this photo to read how Courtney describes being a summer staffer.


paigerailey-0742Click this photo to read how Brooke, Dillon, Jarvis, and Trevor feel about being on summer staff.

In the mean time, let’s just say that being a summer staffer at Asbury Hills can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend a summer!


Does this sound like something you want to be a part of?

We certainly hope so! Do you know the power of prayer? We sure do!

Would you be willing to pray for our summer staffers? We would truly appreciate it.

Would you be willing to start praying now? Summer Camp Director Sarah Moseley is right in the middle of working to hire our summer 2017 staff members.  Join us as we pray for God to work His will into this summer as we begin hiring staff members.  We pray that our God is preparing these future staffers’ hearts to live out our mission at Asbury Hills.

You can do more!

Our goal this summer is to have each staff member sponsored by someone.  What does this mean? This means we would love to assign each summer staff member their own sponsor who is, at minimum, going to pray for them throughout the summer.  Some sponsors in the past have sent things like cards or even care packages to their staff members, as well.

This may sound like something simple but it means so much more.

Is this something you are interested in?

Great! Click the link below and fill out the Google Form.  This by no means will not automatically sign you up as a sponsor but will serve as a way to gather interested folks.

sponsor-image-1Click this if you are interested in receiving more info about being a staff sponsor.


Have questions about Sponsoring a Staffer? Feel free to call our Marketing & Communications director, Paige, at 864.298.0125 or email at


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