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Hands & Feet Wrap Up

A few weeks ago we wrapped up our Hands & Feet Service Weekend for 2017 and it was a huge success!! With over 150 people here working to make Asbury Hills even better, we accomplished so much.

Consider this a HUGE thank you to all the youth groups who spent their weekend being the hands and feet of Christ!  Have a look through these photos to see what all was accomplished.  You can find more on our Facebook Page.











Check out the video to see even more of the great work that was done!! Click the link below.

Hands & Feet 2017 Video

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An Oscar, sandpiper & camp

If you watched the Academy Awards, you saw many incredible works of art and cinema on the big screen.  You saw actors and actresses gain recognition for their incredible abilities to bring characters to life for their viewers.  You may have also seen a little sandpiper named Piper get some recognition, too.

Image result for pixar piper

As it turns out, Piper the little sandpiper and summer camp have a lot in common. What on earth could a sandpiper have in common with summer camp? I am so happy to tell you!

Piper, the short film created by Pixar, is about a young sandpiper who was so used to his mother feeding him. When it came time for him to learn for himself, he was too scared.  Makes sense, right? This mother decided it was time for her little sandpiper child to venture on his own to find food.  Now, obviously, he wasn’t completely alone.  He was running on a beach with tons of other sandpipers and his mother in close sight but still trying something new. If you watch this short, 6 minute film, you’ll see that Piper the baby sandpiper decides to try to find food on his own.  Does it work out for him? You can imagine so but I highly encourage you to watch this short film.


Now, I am sure you can see how this relates to camp. 

How often do we come across young campers who are afraid to try something new or step out of their comfort zone?

All the time! What would happen if our staff didn’t encourage these young campers to try new things? With Piper, he would never learn to feed himself and would always rely on his mother.  If our campers didn’t try new things and step out of their comfort zone, would they be learning anything? Would they be able to fully trust their counselors, new camp friends and ultimately God with their fears?


Trying new things at camp is extremely important to the camp experience.  I’ll put it this way; if I never tried new things and just lived my life in the safe zone, I probably wouldn’t be half the person I am today.  If that little sandpiper didn’t try to go find food himself, he would forever rely on his mother for that. If our campers didn’t try to climb the Alpine Tower or try that first zip of the Canopy Tour then not only would they miss out on the camp experience but they wouldn’t be learning more about themselves and their abilities.  Trying new things is how we learn about ourselves, see what we are capable of and most of the time, we do not give ourselves enough credit.

If you are still reading then I hope this connection between Piper and summer camp is crystal clear.  We encourage our campers to always try new things and go beyond their comfort zone. Of course, we aren’t forcing this but by encouraging new things, we are encouraging our campers to grow.

So there you have it, an Oscar, a sandpiper and summer camp.  We are looking forward to a summer of trying new things!

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