Are you Campsick?

campsick (adj.) [kamp-sik]

sad or depressed from a longing to be at camp or with camp family when away from them for an extended period of time

Ask anyone who has been to camp, being campsick is a serious thing! Do you ever wish you could just open your eyes and you’d be waking up in a cabin? Do your meals feel incomplete without singing and dancing to energizers before you eat? Do you long for worship two times a day? Have you felt like you’d much rather be climbing the Alpine Tower or Rock Wall rather than sitting in geometry class?

Does campsickness have a cure? Of course! The best way to cure campsickness is to go back to camp.  Sometimes, going back to camp isn’t an option so here is a list of temporary ways to cure your campsickness.

1. Check out the photos on Facebook!

There is an entire folder for each week on Facebook with some of our favorite moments.  You can even log back into our photos and look through all of the photos!

2.  Revisit your devotion booklet.

Those devotion booklets aren’t just for camp! Take some time and look through each devotion you did with your group.  Reread those Bible versus and re-answer the questions.  This will not only reinforce what it means to break the noise but also help you recall those feelings you had while at camp.

3.  Wear your camp t-shirt!

Plan to wear your camp t-shirt.  Do you go to school or church with some friends you met at camp? Ask them to wear their shirts, too! Get together and snap a photo.  Post it online and be sure to tag us!

4. Listen to your favorite camp songs.

You know those songs that were stuck in your head weeks after you left Asbury Hills? Listen to them again! They all are so great so why not get them stuck in your head again?!

5.  Watch your highlight video.

Remember those super cool wrist bands you got at camp? Plug it into a computer and turn the volume up! Relive your favorite moments with your group and counselors.

6.  Make a s’more!

Ask your parents for help and make a s’more! Show your friends and family just how it is done.


Still not good enough?

There is one more option.

Join us on October 21st for our annual Fall Festival! Starting at 10am, we will have activities open for you to do, apple cider and apple butter and a live bluegrass band.  Spend the day at camp and cure your campsickness!

We hope these ideas will help you cure your campsickness.  Just know, you aren’t alone in this and everyone who has an incredible experience at Asbury Hills has to deal with being campsick!


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