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Fall Festival 2017

This time last week we were putting the finishing touches on Asbury Hills in preparation for our Annual Fall Festival. 

Have you ever wondered what goes into putting together a Fall Festival at Asbury Hills? Have you ever wondered what the full time staff are doing the few days before we open the gates for everyone? What about how long it takes to plan an event like this?

Maybe knowing all these behind the scenes things will help you enjoy Fall Festival even more!


  • We spend an entire meeting debriefing Fall Festival and what can be done next year to make it even better.  We discuss everything from the time we open the gates and the food served to the activities open and who facilitates them.


  • We start contacting summer staffers to see if they are willing to volunteer for the day to help make Fall Festival happen.
  • We solidify the t-shirt design and send it to get printed.
  • We send out postcards to every United Methodist Church in South Carolina (and a few in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee)


Summer 2017 Staff helping make Fall Festival 2017 a success!


  • We make a shopping trip for decorations like mums, pumpkins and hay.
  • We deep clean any facilities that will be used during the event.
  • We make final orders on food in preparation for serving lunch.
  • We make the schedule of all the staffers volunteering to help.
Aren’t these decorations so perfect?!


  • We put finishing touches on decorations.
  • We stock the camp store with drinks, snacks, new apparel and of course, the Fall Festival t-shirt.
  • Make one final trip to the store for any last minute necessities
  • We set up the stage for the band (which is booked months in advance)
  • We make sure all the activities are in the best condition for our guests!

Check out these photos from the day of! More are on our Facebook. Click HERE to see the rest of the photos!

We even have a pretty cool video that recaps the day.  Check it out HERE!

We hope you enjoyed Fall Festival as much as we did! Hope to see you next year!

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Immerse at Asbury Hills!

Asbury Hill is THRILLED to host Immerse with South Carolina Ministries with Young People! We know there are a lot of questions and information so keep reading to find out every detail of what this means.  In the mean time, we are so excited to welcome the Immerse and SCMYP family to our Asbury Hills Family!

Postcard front.jpg

What is Immerse? When will this happen? How can you register? All your questions, and then some, are answered here!

What is Immerse?

Immerse is a 4 day summer experience for Christian teens in South Carolina.  Immerse is designed to allow teens to grow deeper in their faith and strengthen their relationship with Christ with their youth groups.

Immerse logo.jpg

When is Immerse?

Immerse is July 25-28, 2017 at Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center.

What is SCMYP?

SCMYP, South Carolina Ministries With Young People, is a program developed to to make youth workers aware of anything that might be useful to impact the lives of the youth in our congregations.

SCMYP logo round.png

How do I register?

Youth directors can register their youth groups for Immerse by calling Emily, our Reservation Specialist.  Space is limited!

Can I register online?

Since registration for Immerse is by youth group, you cannot register online.  Youth directors can call Emily, our Reservation Specialist.

Can my child go alone?

Immerse is designed for youth groups to attend together so we encourage youth to attend with their youth groups.

How much does it cost?

The cost for Immerse is $240 per person.

What is included in the cost?

The total cost per person includes meals in our dining hall, room and board in our cabins and all activities and programming during the 4 day event.

Will Summer Camp at Asbury Hills be going on during Immerse?

Fortunately, Asbury Hills is blessed with plenty of space and staff for both Immerse and Summer Camp so both will be happening at the same time.  Our staff is trained to ensure everyone has the best experience possible regardless of if they are a camper or Immerse attendee.

Can my child do Summer Camp at Asbury Hills AND attend Immerse?

Your child is more than welcome to attend a summer camp session and Immerse at Asbury Hills, however, they cannot do this during the same week.  Asbury Hills runs 8 full weeks of summer camp so there are plenty of other options to fit your schedule!

Is there a limited amount of space for Immerse?

Space is limited for Asbury Hills but we feel that we have accommodated plenty of spots to ensure everyone gets to attend Immerse that wants to. We ask that as soon as youth directors are able, that they register their group to reserve their spot.

Immerse IG 1.jpg

If your question was not answered, please feel free to email Emily, our Reservation Specialist. Emily can be contacted by calling 864.836.3711 or via email at



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Asbury Staff: From Hailey

You’ve heard the famous saying that camp friends make the best friends, right? Well, have you heard the saying that camp friends know no distance? This statement rings so true with this special staffer.  Hailey comes to South Carolina in the summers from Minnesota to serve Asbury Hills.

We reached out to Hailey to share the meaning of Asbury Hills and her immediate response was, “I’D LOVE TO!” If you get nothing from this post, get this: Hailey’s eagerness to share what Asbury Hills has done for her should speak enough to the impact a summer camp experience can have on a young adult.

“I sat down to write this but I was at a loss for words–not necessarily because I didn’t know what to say, but because I believed I could not find the words that could sufficiently describe the impact Asbury Hills has had on my life over the past two years.



I sat down to read my last two journals from the past two summers, hoping that it would give me a good start to write this.  I soon found myself sitting there, journals wide open, with a smile on my face and tears rolling down my cheeks.

Over two years ago when I told my friends and family that I was going to South Carolina for three months to work at a summer camp, I would get the following responses:

YOU? YOU are going to work at a SUMMER CAMP?” (Okay, to be honest, this one was a valid concern.  Pre-Asbury Hills Hailey was NOT a campin’ girl or an out doors girl or an above 85 degrees outside kind of girl.  Don’t worry, I’ve changed!

But, you’re an introvert…” (oh, how encouraging!)

or my personal favorite:

But aren’t there bugs there?” (As if there weren’t bugs in Minnesota? Or everywhere for that matter.)

But, regardless of any reservations, I decided to jump into the unknown because if there is one thing I’ve learned throughout this experience, it is this:

You experience God’s love and faithfulness the most when you are willing to put yourself into the uncomfortable.


You see…God worked in my life at Asbury Hills in ways that I never could’ve hoped for or imagined.  When I was sitting in my comfortable dorm room in Minnesota at a place I loved so much, I had no idea what God had in store.  I had no idea how much my life was going to change.

As I read story after story through my journals, I was once again blown away by God’s faithfulness.  These stories, both heartbreaking and beautiful, brought me back to my most favorite days I’ve ever had; my days at Asbury Hills. They reminded me of the way God showed me grace when I made mistakes, gave me strength when I didn’t think I had an ounce of energy left, and filled my heart with more joy than I ever thought was possible here on Earth.  I had campers who opened my eyes to more of who God is and the way He loves us by the way they showed love to others around them.  I had campers who challenged me in my faith, taught me life lessons that I never knew I needed, and pushed me to become a better leader and better follower of Christ.

If you follow any Asbury Hills staffers or campers, you’ve most likely seen #CampFriendsAreTheBestFriends on all social media sites.  Well, it’s true.  It’s SO so true.  Two years ago when I decided that I was picking up my life in Minnesota to spend three months at camp in South Carolina, my biggest prayer was that God would simply give me friends. GOOD friends.  Genuine friends who would challenge me and bring me joy and in turn I could do the same for them.  Christ-centered Friends.  Oh, I desperately needed them and, of course, God came through.

I found my people at Asbury Hills.  The people that I will have for the rest of my life.

People that will always be in my corner, encouraging me and supporting me and pushing me closer to God.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

If you are thinking about working at Asbury Hills, jump in.  Jump into the uncomfortable.  Let God push you into the unknown.  You will be challenged, stretched, and moved.  You will have bad days and good days.  You will laugh until you cry and you will play way too much gaga.  You will grow closer to Jesus and you will have campers that will change your heart forever.  You will make life-long, crazy, Jesus-loving friends.


For future campers and staffers: I pray that this place is as much of a blessing in your life as it has been, and forever will be, in mine. “

Applications are live now for summer 2018 at Asbury Hills. If you feel like you need a change or you need to jump into the unknown to know God better, now is your chance! Defy those fears of the unknown and spend summer 2018 at Asbury Hills.


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