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Why Hands & Feet?

There is always something that needs extra love and care at Asbury Hills.  We can always use some extra hands and extra feet to help with those projects and who better to have than our wonderful camp family?!

Why Hands & Feet?

We love our Hands & Feet Service weekend because it allows us to open our gates and welcome camp family.  We bring in our summer worship team and leaders to lead devotions and worship created just for the youth groups coming to serve Asbury Hills. Hands & Feet Service weekend is a weekend set aside for those who come to be the hands & feet of Christ and serve.

What to expect:


Worship will be lead by summer staffers allowing the worship service to really connect with youth and make an impact.

Small Group Devotions

These devotions are designed to bring youth groups together throughout the weekend.

Service Projects

From staining the porches of cabins to clearing trails and everything in between, there are plenty of service projects sure to help make Asbury Hills even better!! (Is that even possible?!)


What would be an Asbury Hills event without a t-shirt?!

Stay on site for the entire weekend

Watch this video to get an idea about what you can expect for Hands & Feet 2018.

It’s not too late to sign your youth group up! Click here for more information on our website.  If you want to register your youth group, call Emily at 864.836.3711!

Join us. Be the hands and feet of God and put your mark on Asbury Hills.


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