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Rec Shelter Renovation

Did you hear?! Our rec shelter got a makeover!

If you aren’t familiar, the Rec Shelter was an open air shelter just up the trail and over the creek from the dining hall.  Most of our camp family would remember the rec shelter as the location were our closing ceremony takes place at the end of camp.


Hands & Feet group photo | 2018


What exactly was this makeover?

We removed all the electrical wiring, cleaned, and painted the interior of the building. All new electrical wiring was added and we refinished the floor.  Garage doors were installed on all sides making it possible to open or close the doors depending on the outside weather. We always want to embrace the beautiful land we have and bring the outside in whenever possible.  Adding the garage doors still allows you to enjoy the outside even if the temperature is too cold.


Why renovate the rec shelter?

Great question! The space was a perfect place for large groups to meet in the the warmer months. What about the cooler months? Enclosing the Rec Shelter makes the space so versatile for all seasons. Gorgeous weather? Open all the doors for a nice breeze. Too chilly outside? No problem. Close the doors and turn on the heat.


How did this renovation happen?

Here are a few photos of the process.  Same building with some upgrades!








Now that the Rec Shelter has the option to to be an indoor facility, we are able to provide an indoor space for large groups!

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Hands & Feet 2018 | Wrap-Up

We had over 150 people join us for Hands & Feet Weekend working together to finish service projects around camp.

Our weekend started with worship in our newly renovated recreation shelter. Have you seen it?! With it now enclosed, it served as the perfect space for everyone to come together and worship.






Saturday morning, after breakfast, the groups were split into their work groups. By the end of the day, so many projects were completed! The weather didn’t quite cooperate but those working did not let that stop them from getting their assignments completed.








With a huge thank you to those who participated in Hands & Feet and our summer staffers, the weekend was a success!


To see more photos, visit our Facebook page! A video will also be available on our YouTube channel soon!

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Camp Pastor Jonathan | Week 1

It is that time of year! Time to start introducing our Camp Pastors for Summer 2018!

With only a few short months away from summer 2018 officially starting, we are happy to introduce to you Camp Pastor Jonathan!

Tompkins Family 3

Jonathan Tompkins is from Travelers Rest United Methodist Church in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.  He has served Travelers Rest UMC for almost 5 years.

Jonathan is most excited to experience Asbury Hills with his son, Edward. 

Edward is already an Asbury Hills camper so he gets to show his dad exactly how awesome Asbury Hills is. Jonathan’s wife Rebecca and daughter Mary Elizabeth will also be joining him to spend some time at camp!

Tompkins Family 1

If you are looking for Camp Pastor Jonathan at any point during the week, you can probably find him racing campers down the Wet Willie!

Who is Jonathan’s favorite super hero? What about his favorite food? Click the photo below to watch the video and to find out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.53.52 AM.png

Interested in sending your camper to Asbury Hills while Jonathan is there? Great! Register by clicking here and selecting Week 1: June 10-15! See you this summer!


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A Third of the Way There

As of today, we are officially one third of the way to our goal for Summer 2018! How great is that?! Over a year ago, our staff sat down to start planning and preparing for Summer 2018 with the hopes of it being the biggest summer to date.

We are a third of the way there.


When the full time staff gather to start preparing for a summer, a lot of things take place.  They take into consideration all of the evaluations. What evaluations?! So glad you asked! We send evaluations to all parents, guardians, and family members who sign their campers up for a week at Asbury Hills.  We also have our summer staffers fill out evaluations.  Those evaluations help us make necessary changes to make Asbury Hills even better. (Yes, it is possible for Asbury Hills to get better.)

We are a third of the way there.


The curriculum for the summer is also planned pretty far in advance.  Our staff want to make sure that the theme for the summer will really speak into our campers and summer staffers.  Our mission at Asbury Hills is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth and renewal and our staff truly believe that a week at Asbury Hills changes lives.

We are a third of the way there.


Sarah, our Summer Camp Director, is working to fill all of our summer staff positions for Summer 2018.  We hand select each staff member after they go through an intense interview process to make sure they are absolutely perfect for our campers. The relationship between a summer staffer and a camper is such a big part of the life changing moments at Asbury Hills.

We are a third of the way there.


So many people meet some of their closest friends at camp! Not only do our summer staffers build life long friendships but our campers definitely do, too! One of the coolest things about summer camp is meeting people who love camp just as much as you; a bond that can’t be broken. Have you met someone at camp who is now one of your closest friends? We hope for that relationship for everyone.

We are a third of the way there.


Don’t you want your camper to have the experience of summer camp? Asbury Hills offers not only an incredibly beautiful space to worship God but the opportunity for campers to grow in their faith and with others around them.  We are a third of the way to our goal this summer and we want everyone to get to enjoy what we anticipate to be the biggest summer to date!

We are a third of the way there.


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