Growing up with Asbury Hills | Erin H.

“Asbury Hills is the best thing we have done for kids! Not only do they get to worship in one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen, but they also get to be outside and experience nature.”

Robert and Erin have been sending their 2 oldest children to Asbury Hills for 3 years–their 4th summer is just a few months away! While we can tell you all day how great Asbury Hills is, it means so much more coming from parents who experience camp. Keep reading to get a look into what Asbury Hills has done for Robert and Erin’s family.

Harrelson Fmaily

Alyssa (anxiously waiting her turn)        Austin (jr. high)        Beth (elementary)

“Our first year of camp there were nerves (mostly mine), but the camp counselors greeted them as soon as they entered their cabin.   We made beds, settled in, and off I left with a hug and a wave.   I was able to see how much fun they were having thanks to the wonderful camp photographers and I couldn’t wait to pick them up and hear all about it!   My middle child went to express camp her first year as she was a rising second grader. We weren’t sure at her age she was ready for a full week.   When I picked her up, she didn’t want to leave!   She kept saying, “but I didn’t get to do the climbing wall or the ropes course.”

It has now been 3 years of camping at Asbury and it never fails that the question comes up around December if we have already registered them. Now when I drop them off, there is a brief hug goodbye, if you can catch them, a wave and off I go!   I love the closing worship service where you get to see your kids rocking out with the praise band and hugging their friends (some new and some old) goodbye. They are so excited to tell us all about it, but as we head down the mountain the exhaustion from the experience creeps in and they are out like a light! We have already registered for year 4 and the anticipation for June is already there!   My youngest can’t wait until next summer when she will be able to go for the first time.

It won’t be long before we pull out the trunks and start gathering their clothes and supplies for their favorite week of the summer.”


We still have space open for Summer 2018 so be sure to register! As always, any questions can be forwarded to Sarah, our Summer Camp Director, by emailing

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