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Camp Pastor Martha | Week 8

Introducing our Week 8 camp pastor–Martha Timmons! Martha is the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at St. James United Methodist Church in Spartanburg. She has been with St. James for three years.

Martha Timmons

How is Martha connected to camp? We asked and here is what she said:

“Asbury Hills holds a special place in my heart and in my life.  I grew up as a pastor’s kid so we moved every so often, but even in the midst of the changes and moves, I could always count on going to camp every summer  I loved reconnecting with the staff and friends I made there.”

Not only was Martha a camper, but she was also a CIT, counselor, life guard and pastor at Asbury Hills. She’s done it all!

“Camp is where I love to go to disconnect form the chaos of the world and a place where I find myself closest to God–in the creation of God. I wanted to serve as a pastor so I could connect with the staff and spend time with campers.  I can’t wait to worship alongside of you and to grow spiritually with you while at camp.”

We asked Martha to describe herself in one word and she said ‘mom’. She has a one year old who might make an appearance this summer!

martha timmons 3

What is Martha’s favorite food? Ice cream. She has a bowl of ice cream almost every night! What is her favorite flavor? You’ll have to ask!

Upon asking Martha how she thinks our theme of Defy will play into campers and staff, she said that with God, all things are possible and with God, we can live more fully without letting fear take hold of our lives.

“I can’t wait to spend a week with you at camp! I’m looking forward to having fun and worshipping God with you!”

Join us August 5-10 to spend the week hearing from Camp Pastor Martha Timmons about what it means to defy our fears!

Here is the line up of the other pastors joining us this summer!

June 10-15 Jonathan Tompkins

June 17-22 Ed Stallworth

June 24-29 Rebecca Rowell

July 8-13 Laura-Allen Kerlin

July 13-15 Leigh Randall

July 15-20 Ben Sloan

July 22-27 Andrew Wolfe


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50 Days Until Camp!

You read that right! We only have 50 more days until we officially start Summer 2018!

Are you ready for Summer 2018?! Are you interested in what we are doing during these 50 days? How can you prepare your campers for camp?

Hopefully those questions will be answered by the end of this!


Are you ready for Summer 2018?

Have you completed your registration? Sessions are filling quickly; some are already on wait lists. Sometimes we can rework numbers and place those wait listed campers within the week. We always do the best we can to respect your schedule–we know you are busy! We work so hard to ensure each camper is with other campers their own age and with their buddies to make sure their week is the best it can be!


How can you prepare your campers for camp?

It is never too early to start shopping for camp! Maybe your camper can help with the shopping. We have lots of videos on our YouTube channel for you and your family to watch. Sometimes campers get nervous about being away from home for a week. Sit down together and check out the videos to ease their mind and show them the fun they are going to have all week! We have a Spotify playlist with songs from previous summers–give it a listen!


What are we doing to prepare for Summer 2018 during these last 50 days?

So much has already been done to prepare for Summer 2018 but we are still busy with preparations to ensure campers have the BEST SUMMER EVER! We have even finalized our schedule for 2019! Stay tuned–that will be released soon! Sarah, our Summer Camp Director, has been working hard to hire the best of the best counselors and summer staffers. She has also been working really hard to solidify trips for our Expedition and Drenched campers–they are going to be awesome! We also just finalized the design for the Summer 2018 t-shirts! How exciting?! Those will be released soon too so stay tuned!

As you can see, a lot goes in to preparing for a summer at Asbury Hills on our end and your end! We want to always make sure we are helping prepare you and your campers for the best summer ever. Please feel free to reach out with any questions–we would love to help!

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Camp Pastor Andrew | Week 6

Guess who is back?! Andrew Wolfe is joining us for week 6 of Summer 2018 as camp pastor and we are SO GLAD to have him!


Andrew is the pastor Cherokee Springs and Liberty United Methodist Churches in Spartanburg, South Carolina where he lives with is wife, Paige and their children.

What are Andrew’s favorite parts of camp at Asbury Hills? Who is his favorite superhero? Click the photo below to watch his introduction video and find out!


We are so excited to have Andrew with us July 22-27 for Week 7.

Summer 2018 Camp Pastors:

WEEK 1: Jonathan Tompkins

WEEK 2: Ed Stallworth

WEEK 3: Rebecca Rowell

WEEK 4: Laura-Allen Kerlin

FAMILY CAMP: Leigh Randall

WEEK 5: Ben Sloan


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Camp Pastor Ben | Week 5

We are excited to welcome Ben Sloan back for a second summer as Camp Pastor! Ben and his family will be joining us for Week 5 of Summer 2018. 

Ben joins us from Albemarle, North Carolina where he serves Bethany UMC as the pastor.  He has been there for almost three years now. Ben also worked as a counselor for two summers and then helped out for a third.


Where could you find Ben throughout the week? Well, aside from delivering the message at worship, he really enjoyed helping campers with archery and slingshots.  He is also looking forward to trying the Alpine Tower.

Ben spent 2 summers as a counselor at Asbury Hills and he shared how much of a different it made in his life.  Last summer he got to share Asbury Hills with his wife, Ros, and daughter, Elizabeth.  We are hoping that they will join him again this summer but with a new baby on the way, time will tell!

We asked Ben his thoughts on how our theme of Defy will play into the lives of our campers and here is what he said:

“Of course campers and staffers will have lots of immediate opportunities to practice defying fear as they challenge themselves on camp activities, but I hope they will be able to connect those lessons of courage and faith to their daily life beyond camp. Ideally campers and staffers will walk away from their experience prepared to stand up for what’s right at school, in sports, and with their family and friends.”

We asked Ben what is favorite food was and his answer was simple: pizza. Who agrees with him?!

This summer, take a moment to find Ben and ask him about that time he went to find lost hikers in his tacky day outfit.  It is a great story!

“You’re going to have a great time! Soak up every minute of it!” –Ben

We couldn’t say it better ourselves.

Join us July 15-20 to spend the week trying new things and hearing from Ben Sloan exactly what it means to defy your fears and trust in God!

We have already introduced Camp Pastor Jonathan, Ed, Rebecca, Laura-Allen and Leigh.  Stay tuned as we announce the rest of our Camp Pastors for Summer 2018!

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Camp Pastor Leigh | Family Camp

We are so excited to introduce our Family Camp pastor for Summer 2018! Leigh Randall from Advent United Methodist Church will be joining us July 13-15th for Family Camp!

Leigh is the Director of Student Ministries at Advent UMC in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  Leigh also serves as the Missions Coordinator on staff. She has been a part of Advent’s staff for 11 years.

How did Leigh and her husband meet? What is she most excited about for Family Camp? What does she think about our Summer 2018 theme? Click the video below to find out!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.40.31 AM

We are really looking forward to having Leigh Randall with us for Family Camp!

Interested in bringing your family for family camp? Great! We still have space available! Click here to find out more and to register.

Summer 2018 Camp Pastors:

WEEK 1: Jonathan Tompkins

WEEK 2: Ed Stallworth

WEEK 4: Laura-Allen Kerlin

WEEK 5: Ben Sloan

WEEK 6: Andrew Wolfe

WEEK 8: Martha Timmons


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