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Introducing LEAD STAFF: 2018

Our first day with campers is just around the corner and are staff are working hard to make sure everything is perfect! This starts with Lead Staff Training which started just over a week ago. Our Lead Staff come in a week ahead of everyone else to get their training done and prepare them to take leadership in training the rest of the summer staff. What exactly do Lead Staff do during this training? Who are the Lead Staff? What are their jobs throughout the summer? You came to the right spot to find out!

Lead Staff consists of 5 college aged people who have shown exceptional leadership skills in previous years serving on summer staff.  They are offered their position pretty early in preparation to make the summer the best it can be! Our Summer Camp Director works with Lead Staff during the months leading up to summer to get them ready to lead the incoming summer staffers.

What do Lead Staff do during their training week?

Our Lead Staff work on finalizing schedules for training week with the other summer staffers. They work on getting schedules finalized for summer camp and they work on ensuring each camper gets to experience camp in the best way. Lead Staff also spends time hiking trails and really getting to know those trails so they can teach new staff. Our Lead Staff spend time organizing supplies and materials, putting final touches on devotion booklets, preparing staff training manuals, and many many other things! Our Lead Staff also spend a lot of time together bonding and building a support system within each other.

Who are the 2018 Lead Staff? What will they be doing this summer?


From left to right

Scott Rouse, Allie Redmond, Katie Richter, Hailey Boonstra, Logan Bragg

Scott Rouse is serving as Recreation Coordinator. He pours directly into our Recreation Staff ensuring that they are properly equipped to facilitate activities throughout the week and see that the schedules run smoothly.

Allie Redmond is serving as our Worship Coordinator this year! She will be leading worship, helping the worship team learn their music and ensuring they are all working together as a team. You may also see her and the other worship team members in the camp store!

Katie Richter is serving as our Trip Coordinator this summer. She will be going on all off-site trips with campers to serve as a resource to counselors. Katie will also be preparing all off-site supplies to ensure campers and counselors are set up to have a great time!

Hailey Boonstra is one of our Program Coordinators this summer. She will be working with our other Program Coordinator creating schedules for each week, pouring into counselors and ensuring they have everything they need to create the best memories with our campers.

Logan Bragg is our other Program Coordinator this summer. He, alongside Hailey, will be working to pour into our counselors, create activity schedules for each week and ensure that our counselors are well equipped to serve our campers!

Along with all of our summer staff, our Lead Staff work so hard in preparation for the summer and then throughout the summer. They all love Asbury Hills and our mission. They all love spending time with campers and the other staff. They love watching others create memories and moments at Asbury Hills just like they have and they know that in order to create the best summer ever, they have to be ready for anything!

Will you join us as we pray and encourage all of our staff as we get ready to kick off Summer 2018? It isn’t too late to sign up to sponsor a staff member! Click here and fill out the form. Paige, our Marketing & Communications Director, will be in touch!

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