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Do You Miss Us?

Do you miss us? We miss you! Camp just ended and we are already ready for campers to come back! Summer 2019 is just around the corner and it will be here before we know it.


In the mean time, what can you do if you are ‘campsick’? Easy! Here are a few things you can do to help cure your campsickness until you can get back to Asbury Hills.

Watch our Summer 2018 Highlight Videos on YouTube

All the highlight videos are loaded on our YouTube page. Just click here or search Asbury Hills on YouTube and binge watch as long as you need!

Search the hashtag for the summer on Instagram: #DefyFearAtAH

Every post on our Instagram related to Summer 2018 has the hashtag #DefyFearAtAH in the comments. Feel free to scroll through photos to reminisce on the fun from this summer! If you want to add the hashtag to our photos, go for it!

Check out the photo albums from each week on our Facebook page

Each week, we loaded a few photos to our Facebook page. These are organized by week so go check them out.

Schedule a Church Visit

We would love to send someone to share about Asbury Hills at your church! If you are interested, email Paige at or call 864.298.0125 to get a visit scheduled.

Come to Fall Festival

Fall Festival is an annual FREE event we host at Asbury Hills. Join us on October 20th from 10am to 5pm. We will have some activities opened, a blue grass band performing, apple cider and you can see Asbury Hills dressed in fall! While the event is free, we will have lunch tickets available for purchase.

napkin insert.jpg

Bring your youth group, small group or Sunday School class to Asbury Hills for a retreat

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that Asbury Hills is closed. We host retreat groups during the fall, winter, and spring months. These spots fill quick so if you are interested, book now!

We hope these few things can help cure your campsickness. As always, keep an eye out for updates–our social media family are always in the know! Registration for Summer 2019 is just around the corner!

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Staff Tell All: 2018

Our Summer Staff work so hard to ensure each camper enjoys their week of camp. Are you curious to hear how Summer 2018 made an impact on the summer staffers?

Our staff go through at least two weeks of training. Some even go through three or four weeks in preparation to serve our campers to the best of their abilities. While our full time staff work to equip them with everything they need for a successful summer, one thing they never can prepare enough for is the impact they will make. Our campers share countless great stories about their counselor. Whether it is about their counselor helping them over come a fear, asking them to try something new, encouraging them to meet new friends, or just being a friend, we truly believe we have some of the best staff.


While our staff make an impact on the campers, the campers will never understand how much they impact the staff.

Jessica, our administrative assistant from summer 2018, points out that one of her favorite parts of camp is ‘watching returning campers come back summer after summer, just as excited as the first. That is how I know we are doing something right!’

It is truly a blessing to see campers come back year after year looking for their counselors or rec staff from previous years. Building relationships with campers is something our staff see the value in!

Getting to see my campers growing spiritually and ask the hard questions, seeing my own faith grown tremendously, and getting to call Asbury hills my home and all the staffers my family” was what Gloria, counselor, pointed out to be her favorite part of Summer 2018.


While these are only a few staffers sharing the impact of our campers, we know this is common among most staff members! They work hard to encourage and make a mark on the campers all while the campers are also making a mark on them.

We hope this never changes!



I really enjoyed getting to see the growth in all of the staff throughout the summer as well as all of the campers who love Asbury Hills and keep wanting to come back! The Lord is working in amazing ways and it’s so great to see!”

–Connor, counselor

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Defying Fear in 2018

If you didn’t hear, this summer has been our LARGEST summer to date! That means we had a record breaking number of campers, more summer staffers and ultimately, our ministry was shared with more people than ever before!


This summer, we had over 1250 campers and their families come through our gates. That is huge for us! Our largest summer prior to this summer was 2016 with numbers of 1128 campers so you can see why we are so excited! This means that we reached 1253 campers and hopefully gave them the best week of their summer.


How exciting is this?! Thank you to all of our campers, camp families, youth leaders, guardians, and anyone else who contributed to making Summer 2018 a huge success. Are you ready for Summer 2019?! So are we! Stay tuned for updates on when registration will open to the public. If you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, we highly recommend it!

Thank you again for supporting and praying for our ministry at Asbury Hills!

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Love Gift Ceremony: 2018

We just ended Summer 2018 and the end of summer always means our annual Love Gift Ceremony takes place. What is a Love Gift Ceremony? So glad you asked! While it is something you can’t truly understand without experiencing it, this explanation should do it justice.


At the beginning of the summer, summer staffers draw names from a helmet (or hat, backpack, etc.). Staffers keep this a secret for the entire summer. As the summer goes on, staffers are encouraged to take the time to get to know the person they drew. Well, get to know them without giving away that they drew them for Love Gift. During the summer,  staff work on making a gift specific to that person. Once the last week of camp wraps up and we get camp cleaned and flipped ready for retreat season, the Love Gift Ceremony commences.

This event is highly anticipated by all of the summer staffers because this secret they have been keeping all summer is finally going to be revealed! Spending a few months in a place like Asbury Hills is life changing so these staffers have experienced a lot over the last few months. They have developed life long friendships and relationships and now, they are going to be even closer after presenting these thoughtful gifts to one another.

Check out these heart warming photos of the moments some staffers realized who had been spending the summer getting to know them to create something special for them.

If you are wondering about the silly outfits, this year’s theme was ‘night before the apocalypse luau’; hence the pajamas, ripped clothing and Hawaiian shirts.

This summer was a huge success and so was this year’s love gift ceremony!


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Farewell to Kate

We hate to say farewell to Kate from Asbury Hills but we know she will continue to do great things!

Have you eaten in the dining hall at Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center over the last few years? If you have then you know how delicious our food is and how hard Kate has worked to ensure that our guests enjoy their food service experience.  Kate served as our Food Service Director and definitely brought our menus and dining hall in general to new and wonderful levels.


Paige, Marketing & Communications Director; Kate, Food Services Director; Sarah, Summer Camp Director

“While I have loved my time working with Asbury Hills, I have been given the opportunity to pursue a job in Columbia that brings me closer to my family.”

Kate has spent a lot of time at Asbury Hills not only as our Food Service Director but as a camper and a summer staffer.

“Asbury Hills has had a special place in my heart since I was a camper and I will always see this place as another home.”


Lady, Kate’s dog at Mountain Chapel

While we are sad to see Kate leave, we know her future is full of incredible opportunities!

Kate says that, “the Lord has blessed me during my time here and I have loved every minute of watching this amazing place grow and change the lives of those who have experienced Asbury Hills. I will continue to pray, love, and support this beautiful place that is a home to so many.”

We wish Kate the best as she moves on to new adventures. Join us as we keep her in our prayers during this transition!

Are you interested in the Food Services Director position at Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center? Click here for details on the position. Questions can be directed to David Rouse, our Site Director, by calling 864.836.3711 or emailing


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August Happy Birthdays

We want to recognize and celebrate our Summer Staff from this summer and how better to do that than wish them a happy birthday?!

Happy Birthday Image.jpg

Help us wish these June, July, and August babies a happy birthday!



Madison Barefoot


Paige Bronander


Katie Richter


Andrew Taylor


Brianna Wells


Ann Marie White



Isaac Case


Anthony Holloway


Scott Rouse


Nick Samson


Caroline Therrell




Connor Bragg


Cameron White

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Saying Good Bye to Emily

We are so sad to see Emily move on from Asbury Hills but we know our God will use her in so many great ways from this point on.

If you have called Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center at any point over the last year and a half, you probably had the pleasure of speaking with Emily Eskridge. Emily served as our Reservation Specialist and absolutely filled that position with passion for our ministry. Emily did everything from answer the phone with joy in her voice to booking retreats and ensuring all the details were squared away. Emily was truly a specialist when it came to summer camp registrations and being sure camper parents had all their questions answered. Some would even call her the queen of the Asbury Hills office!


While it is hard to see Emily leave, her and her husband Franklin are on to new adventures! Franklin has accepted a job with Athens State University in Athens, Alabama. Athens, Alabama is just 10 minutes away from the Tennessee Valley in northern Alabama.

Emily and Franklin both say that, “While we are sad to leave the places we love, we are excited for this new adventure and the new opportunities God has given us.”


“I am so grateful to Asbury Hills and the people I’ve met here. I will always value my time here greatly!”


Best of luck to Emily and Franklin as they move onto this new adventure! Join us as we pray for the Eskridges with their move and transition.

Are you interested in the Reservation Specialist position at Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center? Click here for details on the position. Questions can be directed to David Rouse, our site director, by calling 864.836.3711 or emailing

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