Staff Tell All: 2018

Our Summer Staff work so hard to ensure each camper enjoys their week of camp. Are you curious to hear how Summer 2018 made an impact on the summer staffers?

Our staff go through at least two weeks of training. Some even go through three or four weeks in preparation to serve our campers to the best of their abilities. While our full time staff work to equip them with everything they need for a successful summer, one thing they never can prepare enough for is the impact they will make. Our campers share countless great stories about their counselor. Whether it is about their counselor helping them over come a fear, asking them to try something new, encouraging them to meet new friends, or just being a friend, we truly believe we have some of the best staff.


While our staff make an impact on the campers, the campers will never understand how much they impact the staff.

Jessica, our administrative assistant from summer 2018, points out that one of her favorite parts of camp is ‘watching returning campers come back summer after summer, just as excited as the first. That is how I know we are doing something right!’

It is truly a blessing to see campers come back year after year looking for their counselors or rec staff from previous years. Building relationships with campers is something our staff see the value in!

Getting to see my campers growing spiritually and ask the hard questions, seeing my own faith grown tremendously, and getting to call Asbury hills my home and all the staffers my family” was what Gloria, counselor, pointed out to be her favorite part of Summer 2018.


While these are only a few staffers sharing the impact of our campers, we know this is common among most staff members! They work hard to encourage and make a mark on the campers all while the campers are also making a mark on them.

We hope this never changes!



I really enjoyed getting to see the growth in all of the staff throughout the summer as well as all of the campers who love Asbury Hills and keep wanting to come back! The Lord is working in amazing ways and it’s so great to see!”

–Connor, counselor

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