Less than 50 Days Until Camp!

You read that right! The first week of Summer 2019 is LESS THAN 50 DAYS AWAY! We are so excited to get Summer 2019 started at Asbury Hills and we hope you are, too!

50 Days

What are we doing to make sure Summer 2019 is a success in these last 50 days? What should you be doing to prepare your camper for their week of camp at Asbury Hills? Those answers are below!

What are we up to during these next 50 or so days?

Final hiring for Summer Staff

We are hiring our last few summer staffers for summer 2019! Would you be interested in sponsoring one of almost 60 staffers? Click here for more info.

Ordering T-Shirts

Yep! We are already ordering your shirt for Summer 2019. Don’t worry, we always make sure we have enough and prepare to make a second order about halfway through the summer for folks who haven’t registered yet.

Promoting Camp Pastors

Have you been following along on our social media accounts? We have been announcing our Summer 2019 Camp Pastors and we are thrilled to have some amazing folks pouring into our campers. Check out our other blog posts to see who is coming for Summer 2019.

Devotion Booklet Final Touches

We wrote our devotion booklets a few months back but now we are putting the finishing touches on them to send them to print. Each year, we spend months pouring over our curriculum making sure it is perfect. Click here to see exactly what is in store for Summer 2019.

Preparing New Activities

New activities?! Yep! Stay tuned for what those new activities are. We can’t wait to share with you!


We are constantly in prayer for the ministry at Asbury Hills. Whether it is welcoming retreat group guests, summer staffers, volunteers or campers, we are always praying for any and everyone who steps foot on our property. Our prayer is that we can live our mission out through our guests and ensure their time at Asbury Hills is just what they need.

What do we suggest you do in these next few months leading up to your camper’s week at Asbury Hills?


For starters, if you haven’t registered, it isn’t too late! Be sure to register quick! Our spaces are over 75% full and we won’t be opening many more new spaces.

Download Your Packing List

Ready to start shopping for what your camper needs at camp? Great! We have BRAND NEW packing lists on the website ready for you to download. This year, we are asking folks to pack in luggage like you would pack to travel in an airplane–one suitcase, a carry on (backpack!) and a pillow. We will share details later but we are working on improving our check-out procedures and this will help immensely! Click here to see the packing list for CIT, Eclipse, Core, Drenched and Altitude. The packing list for Express and Family Camp can be found here. The Expedition packing list can be found here. When in doubt, feel free to reference our General Packing List!

Check out our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is packed full of all kinds of cool stuff! You can find the highlight videos from previous summers there. You can also find introduction videos for our Summer 2019 Camp Pastors. There are also videos on some of our most popular activities at Asbury Hills loaded on our YouTube channel. We hope watching these videos with your camper gets them excited for their week at Asbury Hills!

Follow Us on Social Media!

We post regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages with all things summer camp, retreats, and Asbury Hills in general! 

Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter

We have a newsletter! Each newsletter is packed full of upcoming events, announcements, updates about Asbury Hills and what is coming up. Click here to subscribe. Don’t worry–we won’t fill your inbox with tons of emails–just monthly and special newsletters!


We ask that you are keeping Asbury Hills in your prayers as we prepare for Summer 2019. We ask that you keep our full time staff in your prayers as they have spent many months preparing for this summer. We ask that you remember our 2019 Staffers as they are giving their summer up to spend time with campers pouring into them and sharing God’s word with them. We ask that you pray for our campers and camper parents as they are preparing to send their camper to spend a week with us.

Sponsor a Summer Staffer!

Are you willing to sponsor a 2019 Summer Staffer? We simply ask our sponsors to pray for and keep their assigned staffer in their thoughts throughout the summer. We also encourage sponsors to send little notes of encouragement to staffers throughout the summer. If you are interested in sponsoring a staffer, click here to sign up.

More for parents is available on our webpage. Click here to find packing lists, online forms, access to photos and emails, and more!

See you in less than 50 days!


counselor nicole

We greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support of Asbury Hills and our camping ministry. Are you ready to be a part of our mission? Click here to give.


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