New for You! | Summer 2019

New?! Yep! New stuff coming your way! We are so excited about our new activity that is ready just in time for Summer 2019.

Introducing The Summit Challenge Course


What is The Summit? Where is it? Who can use it? All those answers and more are below!

We are also excited about our new tree houses! YES! New tree houses! We have added two tree houses giving us a total of four. Below are some photos of the new ones. We have also done some updates to the two existing tree houses.



THE SUMMIT Challenge Course

What is The Summit?

The Summit is a ropes challenge course incorporating obstacles for users to navigate while harnessed in.

Where is The Summit?

Just up the trail past the Alpine Tower is where you will find The Summit. This is the perfect location for this course because we have future plans to add on to it.

Who was The Summit built for?

Right now, elementary aged campers will be the ones using The Summit.

What about Funky Site?

We have decided to upgrade from Funky Site to The Summit. What is the difference? Updated challenges and obstacles for starters are a part of The Summit. We also intend to build onto The Summit which was not an option with Funky Site.

Summer camp is just around the corner! We hope to see you this summer!

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