Sponsor a Staffer

It is that time of year again! Each year, our Summer Camp Director hires around 60 college aged summer staffers to work for the duration of the summer. Some are already at Asbury Hills starting their training while others will start arriving over the next week.

sponsor a staffer

Along with hiring our summer staff, we try to get just around 50-60 folks who are willing to sponsor a staff. Some sponsor more than one! What does it mean to sponsor a staffer? Who can sponsor a staffer? Why should you sponsor a staffer?

All that and more is answered below.

What does it mean to sponsor a staffer at Asbury Hills?

This simply means that you are volunteering to pray for and support a summer staffer (or more than one). You are saying that you are willing to keep them in your prayers for the duration of the summer. We also encourage our sponsors to send their staffer little notes of encouragement or small care packages. There are few things more exciting than getting fun mail while working at camp!

Who can sponsor a staffer?

This is open to anyone! We like to have folks who already have a relationship with Asbury Hills because you understand our mission. Whether you were a camper or staffer, have a camper or staffer at Asbury Hills or know someone who went to Asbury Hills, we would love for you to volunteer! We have had Sunday School classes, small groups, couples, groups of friends, and individuals sign up to sponsor. This is really open to anyone!

Why should you sponsor a staffer?

We encourage folks to sponsor a staffer to show support for our staff! Our staff spend their summer living at Asbury Hills pouring into our campers and ensuring that they have the best summer camp experience possible. Can you imagine how encouraging it would be to know someone outside of our gates was praying for you? Our staff truly appreciate it!

When will I know who I am sponsoring?

As soon as all of our staff are at Asbury Hills and training, you will start hearing from Paige, our Marketing & Communications Director, about your staffer. Once our staff arrive, we have them fill out a small info sheet so you can get to know them a little. Once they fill out that sheet and we can compile all the info, Paige will send it your way via email.

How are staffers assigned to sponsors?

Randomly! When you fill out the Google Form to sign up, you can select if you’d prefer to pick your staffer or have one assigned to you. If you elect to have one assigned to you, then they are paired with sponsors randomly. If you request a certain person on our summer staff, this is on a first come first serve basis. If no one else before you requested that person, then you’ve got them! If not, you’ll be asked if you’d like to have one assigned randomly or have a different preference.

How often should I send a letter or note of encouragement?

As often as you want! We suggest to send at least 2-3 letters throughout the summer–one at the beginning to introduce yourself, one a few weeks later and then one at the end of the summer. Of course, the more the better! Our staff love getting mail during the summer so feel free to send as often as you’d like.

Can I send a care package?

Sure! Just be aware that if you are sending food, be sure it is packaged well. Depending on the staffer’s schedule, it could sit in our office for a few days. We also want to make sure we aren’t inviting unwanted critters into the living spaces. Some suggestions to include that aren’t food items are coloring books, stickers, glow sticks, journaling supplies, books, fun t-shirts, etc.

How do I sign up to be a sponsor?

By filling out this Google Form, you can sign up to sponsor a staffer. We ask that all sponsors fill in the Google Form entirely. We ask for your email address so we can send you updates and information regarding your summer staffer. We ask for your mailing address so we can encourage our staff to send back to you. We also like to send thank you notes at the end of the summer to all of our sponsors and we would hate for you to get left out!

Hopefully this answers all of your questions! If not, feel free to email Paige. She handles all things staff sponsoring. We are so grateful for your support of our mission at Asbury Hills. Without your prayers and support, our ministry would not be possible.

Thank you for volunteering to sponsor a staffer!

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