The Vision is Here: We Need Your Help!

We are constantly working to make Asbury Hills even better.

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Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center, which is governed by the South Carolina United Methodist Camps & Retreat (SCCARM) Board of Directors, has a multi phase master plan and just last week, the SCCARM Board gave approval to move forward with continuing Phase 1 of that master plan.

What is Phase 1? What exactly did the SCCARM Board approve? How much does it cost? How is it getting funded? How will it benefit campers and retreat guests? What will it look like? Where will it be at Asbury Hills? When will it be complete? All of these questions AND MORE are answered below.

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What is Phase 1 of the Asbury Hills Master Plan?

Phase 1 entails the removal of the old swimming pool and the addition of a brand new aquatic complex including a new, upgraded swimming pool, new bath house with restrooms and changing areas, basketball court, and volleyball court. Also included in Phase 1 is a multipurpose worship center, which is slated to go where the old pool currently sits giving the new building the perfect home right in main camp.

How will this benefit campers and retreat guests?

By continuing Phase 1, not only will this pave the way for new things to come, but this will also supply immediate benefits to our guests and campers. Once this portion of Phase 1 is complete, both campers and retreat guests will have access to a brand new, upgraded swimming pool, bathhouse, and sport courts. Once this portion of Phase 1 is complete, this will allow us to work toward approval for the next portion of Phase 1, which is the multipurpose worship center.

What exactly did the SCCARM Board approve?

The SCCARM Board approved the continuation of Phase 1. This approval includes preparing the site for the new pool, construction of the new pool, bath house, basketball court, and volley ball court. While this approval DOES NOT construction of the multipurpose worship center, this approval DOES help pave the way towards our next step in Phase 1, which is the multipurpose worship center.

How much does this continuation of Phase 1 cost?

With exciting, new projects like this, there is always a cost. Right now, the cost for this continuation of Phase 1 (preparing the new site and construction of the new swimming pool, bath house, basketball court, and volleyball court) is $1.5 million. While we have already started collecting funds, we still need your help! Your two or three year pledged contribution will go so far in bringing this project to life.

How is this getting funded?

SCCARM needs you. Camps & Retreat has launched an immediate fundraising campaign to secure the funds towards this continuation. Thanks to an early feasibility study several of our family and friends are ready to commit to this project, however, we know it will take all of us to bring this vision to life.  If you are interested in contributing to our vision of making Asbury Hills even better, we would love to talk further with you.

Where will this be at Asbury Hills?

Another great question! Imagine yourself walking from the Creekview Center (previously the Rec Shelter) up the road toward the Alpine Tower. About halfway up, close to the Craft Hut is where this new facility will be built.

When will this be completed?

We hope to be able to open by Summer 2020 but we need YOUR help!

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We are so glad to finally share this news! This will not be possible without the financial support and continued prayers of our camp family. If you are interested in helping bring this vision to life, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Feel free to reach out to Paige, our Marketing & Communications Director, for more information by calling 864.298.0125 or emailing her at For major gifts, please contact our Executive Director, Arthur Spriggs, by calling 864.289.0125.

Thank you to your camp family for your support and prayers. Our ministry is a success because of you and we hope to keep moving forward and serving all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal.

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We are grateful for all the gifts we receive that help keep Asbury Hills a thriving ministry. We ask that your gift to the Phase 1 Continuation campaign should not take the place of your regular gift to Asbury Hills, but be an additional amount, as you feel called to give.
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