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From the Staff: Jaedon

Jaedon was a counselor at Asbury Hills for Summer 2019. We asked about his experience as a staffer and just had to share!

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“While working at Asbury Hills, everyone on staff became my second family! Everyone was so welcoming and it just felt like my home away from home. When I was with my kids as a counselor, it was such a blessing to get to know each one. We plan on teaching them so many things but we learn from them every single day.

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I didn’t think I’d be coming back to work at Asbury Hills but after my first experience on staff, it is impossible to not come back to work for such an amazing place!”

We are hiring for Summer 2020! If you are interested or know someone who would be great for Asbury Hills, visit our website for more information and to apply!

Don’t forget to check out our announcement for the NEW aquatic center at Asbury Hills. For more information, check out that blog post or call 864.298.0125.

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December & January Birthdays

Would you join us in wishing these 2019 Summer Staffers a very happy birthday?!

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Kurt Owen



Shelby Dunbar


Rachel Long


Anna Grace Vedane


Kassidy Rouse


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