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Hands & Feet 2020

Our annual Hands & Feet weekend has come and gone. This year, we hosted over 150 youth and adult leaders at Asbury Hills for Hands & Feet and it was a huge success–here is the video to prove it!

opening image

Click the image above to check out a wrap-up video of Hands & Feet 2020!

We welcomed over 150 folks into our gates Friday, February 21st to stay the weekend and take part in service projects around camp property. Not only did these folks put in hard work on service projects, they also got a chance to fellowship during worship and small group devotions.

Some projects completed include:

Adopt a Highway cleanup

Burn Piles

Cabin Walkway Updates

Clearing for Bouldering

Creekview Center (formerly know as the Rec Shelter) clearing

Creekview Center Window cleaning

Drain Line Replacement

Mulching including the Lakeside Chapel

Splitting Wood

Trail Repairs





These folks worked hard and had a blast while doing it! More photos can be found on our Facebook Page. Interested in attending Hands & Feet next year? Be sure to check back soon for our Hands & Feet 2021 dates.

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Why Camp?

Why camp? Summer camping is most certainly a fun summer option for campers but is there more to camp than just fun? There absolutely is and we are here to prove it.

why camp

When you are deciding the best possible options for your child’s summer, what are the main things you are looking for? Safety? Fun? Fellowship? Spiritual Growth? Mental Growth? There are plenty of other options to keep your camper engaged during the summer yet summer camp enrollment is remaining steady. In fact, registrations for Asbury Hills are tracking beyond where it has ever been in previous years. Why? We believe that families are realizing that there is way more to summer camp than just a fun time.

According research done by the American Camping Association (ACA)*, parents of accredited camps rate the most important benefits to camp to be

benefits of camp

Licensed clinical social worker Bob Ditter is a believer in camping. “It is in the crucible of this community that children gain self-esteem with humility, overcome their inflated sense of self, and develop a lifelong sense of grace and wonder.”

Seeing people from all aspects of our society give truth to the importance of camping only increases the validity of these studies. Peter Scales, Ph.D. (noted author/educator, and Senior Fellow, The Search Institute) says that “At camp, children learn to problem-solve, make social adjustments to new and different people, learn responsibility, and gain new skills to increase their self-esteem.”

Not only does research prove to increase your camper’s self-esteem, help them learn responsibility, and encourage relationship building, our own statistics at Asbury Hills show spiritual growth and the desire to try new things happen at camp.

image one

Every year, we survey both campers and parents to find out what is being done well and what can be done better. Every year, it always proves true that campers leave camp having tried new things, met new people, and grown spiritually in some way. Some learn a new worship song that resonates with them. Some campers climb the Alpine Tower for the first time. Some campers make a new best friend. Some campers learn something they didn’t know about their faith. Some campers camp out for the first time. Some campers try a new food and love it. Some campers reconnect with their faith.

image two

All campers are welcomed through our gates. All campers are encouraged and loved. All campers are met with the highest Christian hospitality. Every single staff member works to make your camper’s week the absolute best week of their life.

So, why will you send your child to camp?

*Portions of this post provided by the American Camping Association (ACA). For more information on ACA, accredited camps, and more, visit Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center is accredited by the American Camping Association.
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February Birthdays

Let’s wish these Summer Staffers born in February a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Image


Ada Carpenter

Ada C.

Nicholas Castro

Nick C.

Ben Johnson

Ben J.

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