Giving Tuesday 2020: December 1st

It is that time of year! Giving Tuesday is coming up and we are thrilled that SC Camps & Retreat Ministries and Asbury Hills will be participating in this global day of giving. We hope you are planning to take part, too.

You’ve heard this before but now, more than ever, we need your help. Our ministry is so important to so many people. We want to ensure it is around for many many years to come. It is because of people like you that we are able to continue what we do.

So what is Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving to your favorite non-profit organizations. This is something much bigger than just happening across the US. Giving Tuesday is worldwide! Giving Tuesday officially started in 2012 with the intention to encourage folks to simply do good. Just in the US, over $1.9 billion was raised on and offline on Giving Tuesday in 2019. How amazing?!

When is Giving Tuesday? The Tuesday following Thanksgiving is known as “Giving Tuesday’. We ask that during this season, you keep SC Camps & Retreat Ministries in mind as you plan out your end of year giving.

How can you participate in Giving Tuesday? This is simple! First and foremost, share with others. Share with your friends and family about this day. Sometimes, all it takes is telling someone the opportunity is there to give. If you are able, we hope you consider giving to SC Camps & Retreat Ministries. No give, small or large, will go unnoticed. We know times are hard right now and finances are different so we appreciate anything you are able to give. If you are unable to give, encourage people you know to give!

What impact does Giving Tuesday have on SC Camps & Retreat Ministries? Giving in general impacts SC Camps & Retreat Ministries significantly. Giving Tuesday is a well know day of giving so it helps that the idea of donating is already encouraged. We work to steward every dollar as effectively as possible so we truly appreciate your generosity.

So what is next? Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for Giving Tuesday 2020.

  1. Save the date. Write it in your planner, save it to your iCal, be sure Google Calendar has it recorded, or write it on your fridge. Be sure you know December 1, 2020 is #GivingTuesday.
  2. Plan to take action. Whether you plan to share with others or plan to give. Have a plan.
  3. Give if you can. We know that times are different and financially difficult. We understand that any gift is a generous gift so we truly appreciate it.
  4. Share. Sharing with your friends and family about Giving Tuesday is important! The more people know about it, the more of an impact it can make.

There you have it–a full rundown of #GivingTuesday2020. Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your generosity. We are so thankful for our camp family. Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without you.

If you’d like to give now, visit our giving website! Thank you!

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