Call for Summer Staff at Asbury Hills

Our summer staff would say that working at Asbury Hills gave them some of the most memorable summers. Not only were their lives changed but they were shaped and prepared for what their future careers would be.

Summer 2021 will be like no other. On one hand, we are anticipating a summer of camp after not having one in Summer 2020. On the other hand, there is the unknown of how things will work out. One thing is for sure–we all need camp. Our full time staff need camp because it is what fuels us and this ministry. Our campers need camp because they need the outlet and time to truly be themselves. Our summer staff need camp because of the life changing memories and impactful moments.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into running a full summer at Asbury Hills and most of that starts at least a year in advance. One major part to a successful summer at Asbury Hills is the importance of hiring college aged summer staff. We hire anywhere from 60-80 different folks to help us make our summer sessions successful. These positions range from counselors and recreation staff to photographers and kitchen staff.

If you or someone you know is torn between picking a “real job” and a “camp job” then let us tell you that your “camp job” will more than prepare you for what you will face in future jobs and your career. Don’t just take our word for it! The American Camp Association lists some skills that are cultivated by camp employment including oral communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving, interpersonal and leadership skills, creativity and collaborative skills.

Working the summer at Asbury Hills means taking part in our two week training (though this could be more depending on the position) and spending the summer pouring into some pretty amazing campers. Summer staff will meet and form relationships with other folks their age. Some would even venture to say that camp friends make the best friends. We truly want to make Summer 2021 memorable and impactful for our camp family. If you know anyone who would be a great fit for summer staff at Asbury Hills, please send them our way. Those who are interested can apply on our website by clicking here.

Any and all questions can be directed to Sarah, our Summer Camp Director, by emailing

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