Dear College Student Who Still Has No Idea What to Do This Summer

One of our summer staff alumni, Steph, communicated the importance of a job at camp so accurately. It truly is more than a job at Asbury Hills. This is an investment in yourself. An investment that you’ll reap the benefits from for your entire life.

Here is the rest of Steph’s letter to the college student who still has no idea what to do this summer.

If you’re where I was the summer before going into my senior year of college, then you know the variety of emotions I was feeling the last summer before graduating. You know the uneasy anxiety I felt the last summer before entering “the real world.” You know the pressure realizing this is the last summer before pulling those final all-nighters to get those final few credits to get that degree I will have worked a total of 4 years for this time next year. If you’re where I was the summer of my senior year of college, you know this is a summer that isn’t like any other summer, and the weight that comes with that means a great deal.

What you might not know is I still needed an internship credit for my Youth Min degree and knew I was not gonna be able to survive any all-nighters PLUS the required hours needed for an internship if I didn’t make it happen this summer. So I did what any stressed out college student realizing this would do. I turned to Google.

After searching “Christian camps in the south,” I found Asbury Hills, a Christian camp in the mountains of Upstate SC over 700 miles from home. Little did I know at the time that God would work through that Google search and intentionally place me at Asbury to not just impact lives of kids, but also allow me to meet the lives of those who would impact my very own to this day.

I found Asbury Hills by chance and thank God I did. That summer actually DID became the summer unlike any other summer – not because it was the last before graduating, but because it was the summer that brought me to a place that became my home away from home and to friends who became my family away from family (seriously, some even have offered to drive 2+ hours to meet me in the middle of nowhere when my car broke down. That’s the kind of family I’m talking about!

I can’t even imagine what my life would be like had I never applied to Asbury Hills, what my life would be like if I had never committed to living in a brand new state without knowing a soul for an entire summer, what my life would be like if I had never turned to Google (and to God) the exact moment when I did. I can’t imagine it. Maybe you can’t imagine it for yourself yet either. But if you’re a college student and unsure of what’s next this summer (whether it’s your first one heading into college or your final one like mine filled with a mixture of excitement and unknowns), I encourage you to click the link here. If God could move through Google, let’s see what he can do through a call to action on social media.


Steph, Asbury Hills Counselor Summer of 2014

We are still hiring for Summer 2021. We so desperately want to open more spaces to serve more campers but simply put: we cannot until we have more staff. Feel free to call our office at 864.836.3711 or shoot us an email with any and all questions. What is holding you back? What is making you think twice about applying? We would love to talk it through with you.

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