Sponsor a Summer Staffer

Our summer staff need your support! Sponsoring a staffer at Asbury Hills this summer means you will pray for and encourage them throughout the summer. This is such an impactful relationship and we hope you will join us in praying for and supporting our staffers!

What exactly does it mean to sponsor a summer staffer? Does it cost anything? How many can you sponsor? Can you pick your staffer? All these questions, and even more details, are below. Ready to sign up? Click here and fill out the Google Form!

What is an Asbury Hills Summer Staff Sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who volunteers to pray for and support a staffer throughout the summer. We ask that all sponsors pray for their staffer throughout the summer. We encourage sponsors to consider writing a few letters of encouragement and mailing them to their staffer. This small act goes so so far! If you feel so led, you are also welcome to send care packages. We just ask that you avoid sending perishables or things that can melt.

Does it cost anything to be a sponsor?

There is no cost to this. We ask that you consider making a donation in honor of your staffer but that is not at all a requirement.

How many staffers can I sponsor?

The limit does not exist! We recommend not taking on more than 5 just so you can be sure to focus on those.

Can I pick my own staffer if I know someone already hired?

Absolutely! You can also opt to have your staffer picked at random for you.

When will I know who my staffer is?

These will be sent out at the end of May/beginning of June. Once our staff arrive, we ask them to fill out an information sheet including some quick facts about themselves. Once this is complete, we will assign sponsors and send the information out.

How do I sign up?!

Easy! Click here and fill out the Google Form. Once you submit it, you are good to go! There is no need to fill out the form after you’ve submitted a response.

I filled out the form! Now what?

First, THANK YOU! We have received your request. Our Marketing Director, Paige, will be in touch soon with more details. There is no need to fill out the form more than once.

Thank you so much for supporting our staff and, in turn, supporting our ministry. This summer will be like no other and we are so appreciative of your continued prayers.

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