Summer 2021 | One to Remember

“When I reflect back over Summer 2021 at Asbury Hills, there are two words that immediately come to mind: resilience and joy.” –Sarah Moseley, Summer Camp Director

This summer at Asbury Hills was certainly one to remember.  After not being able to host our traditional summer camps last year, there was an extra level of excitement and nerves leading up to the start of our summer season.  The excitement and joy of staff training and each week of camp quickly overshadowed those nerves.  When I reflect back on this summer at Asbury Hills, there are two words that immediately come to mind: resilience and joy.

While this summer was incredible in so many ways, it also came with its own sets of challenges.  Staff recruiting leading up to summer was more difficult than ever this year, and there was serious concern about finding enough staff to properly run our programs.  While our day-to-day operations were not completely changed, our new procedures due to COVID took some getting used to and adaptation.  Even though our procedures had a positive impact, we unfortunately did have to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel a week of camp due to a positive COVID case on staff.

Even with difficult challenges facing us this summer, our staff and campers learned resilience.  We learned to trust in God when things didn’t go as we planned or hoped.  We learned how to mourn and how to support each other when our brothers and sisters struggled and needed a hand.  We learned how to accept support when we needed it and do it with grace and open hearts.  Most importantly we learned that even in times of trials we are not alone.

We are surrounded by, and a part of a great cloud of witnesses, encouraging us and cheering us along in this race of life.  When we stumble, when we are sick, when we feel all the pressures of life crashing around us all at once, we are not alone.  God is there with us in our valleys, on our mountaintops and in the walking in between.  This summer was a reminder of how resilient we can be, when we fully rely on Christ.

Along with our challenges, there were so many sweeter moments of overflowing joy.  Seeing old friends, making new friends, stepping outside of comfort zones, worshipping together, soaking in the beauty of God’s creation, and list goes on and on!  Our prayer each week this summer was that each person realized that while we are each running this race for the prize, we are not competing alone.  There are those who have gone before us, those who will come after us, and those who are running with us.  We are all competing together.  And how sweet it has been to be together again. 

–Sarah Moseley, Summer Camp Director

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