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About Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center

For over 50 years, Asbury Hills as been offering amazing summer camp and retreat group experiences. The camp covers around 2000 acres of mountains & hills, creeks & waterfalls, and forests & lakes. Asbury Hills offers age specific programs for campers from 2nd grade through high school and serves retreat groups from 8 to 280 for the purpose of Christian birth, growth, and renewal.

Church Visits 2019

Did you know we do Church Visits? What is a Church Visit? How do you sign up? This post will give you everything you need to know about scheduling a Church Visit with Asbury Hills. We love sharing camp and this is a great way to share camp with your congregation!


Summer Camp Director, Sarah, and Marketing & Communications Director, Paige, visiting Bethany UMC

We are always working hard to share camp with as many folks as possible. One way we go about this is sharing camp with churches. Whether these churches already know about Asbury Hills or not, we want to make sure they have every opportunity to send children from their church.

What is a Church Visit?

A Church Visit with Asbury Hills is exactly as it sounds–a visit with a church. We send a representative from Asbury Hills to your church to share briefly (1-3 minutes) during worship services and then stick around between services and after to answer any questions. These representatives love Asbury Hills and believe in our ministry so we know they will be able to answer any questions and encourage folks to check out what Asbury Hills has to offer.

How do you sign up for a Church Visit?

Easy! Email Paige, our Director of Marketing & Communications, about wanting to schedule a visit. Paige will be sure to work with you to get the perfect date scheduled. We have quite a few folks ready to share Asbury Hills so there is a good chance we can make it work to visit on the date that works best for you church.

What if you can’t schedule a visit during a Sunday?

No problem! We can also send a representative to share Asbury Hills to a Sunday School class, small group, youth group, or during Wednesday night activities. We want to work with you. If you have some other options besides scheduling a visit on a Sunday, let Paige know!

What if you can’t schedule a visit at all?

While we really love to share Asbury Hills in person, Paige can surely send you a package full of materials and information for you to handout. When you email Paige, be ready to let her know exactly what you need and about how many along with an address. We have plenty of brochures, bulletin inserts, postcards and posters ready to send your way!

In short, we love to share camp. We truly believe in our  ministry and want to have the opportunity to share it with everyone else.

If you are interested in scheduling a Church Visit or requesting some informative materials, feel free to email Paige, our Director of Marketing & Communications at or by calling our Greenville office at 864.298.0125.


Our mission is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal and we strive to live out that mission through providing scholarships to campers, keeping our grounds beautiful and constantly making updates to our programing and facilities. We appreciate your support of our mission.

alpine tower.jpg

Ready to give now? Click here. Need more information? Click here. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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Do you have what it takes?

Summer 2019 is coming faster than we know and we are still hiring staffers.

Do you have what it takes to be a summer staffer at Asbury Hills? Do you know someone who has what it takes? Applications are live on our website!


Asbury Hills Summer Staff 2018

What does it take to be a summer staffer? Among other things, below is a basic list of what it takes to be a Asbury Hills Summer Staffer.


Willing to pour into campers

Our mission at Asbury Hills is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth and renewal. This includes our retreat guests, full time staff members, seasonal staff members, our campers, and anyone who steps foot onto our property. Summer camp is about changing the lives of our campers and it starts with our incredible group of summer staffers!

Looking to grow your relationship with Christ

Not only will our staffers be pouring into campers but they will be pouring into each other. All of our staffers have seen a change in their relationships with Christ after working at camp.

Wanting to build lifelong friendships

You will be spending a lot of time with the other summer staffers so you can definitely expect to meet new friends that will be in your life for the long haul.

Interested in developing strong leadership skills

Ready to lead campers? Our summer staffers develop excellent leadership skills through leading devotions, worship, and activities.

Ready to make an impact

Making an impact at Asbury Hills comes with the job. If you are looking for a job that will make not only an impact on our campers but on you, Asbury Hills may be the place for you.

Asbury Hills is hiring summer staffers for 2019 in the following positions:


–Recreation Staff

–Worship Team/Band Members

–Kitchen Staff

–Non Counseling Staff

Are you interested in applying for a job at Asbury Hills? Do you know someone who is looking for a life changing job? Send them our way! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Summer Camp Director, Sarah, by emailing



Our mission is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal and we strive to live out that mission through providing scholarships to campers, keeping our grounds beautiful and constantly making updates to our programing and facilities. We appreciate your support of our mission.

Bow and arrow.jpg

Ready to give now? Click here. Need more information? Click here. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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January Happy Birthdays

New month, new birthdays! Join us in wishing these staff members a very happy January birthday!

Happy Birthday Image


georgiachildress.jpgGEORGIA CHILDRESS



kassidyrouse.jpgKASSIDY ROUSE

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A Fresh Start: 2019

Happy New Year!

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. While we truly loved 2018 for many reasons, we are thrilled 2019 is here!

new year

What can you expect in 2019 from Asbury Hills and Camps & Retreat Ministries? Between all of our events, Summer 2019 and a few other projects, we think you’ll be pleasantly pleased to be a part of our ministry!

Hands & Feet 2019

promo image 1.jpg

Hands & Feet Service weekend is a weekend set aside for youth groups to spend the weekend at Asbury Hills. February 22-24, groups will get to take part in worship, small group devotions, and fellowship all while completing service projects around Asbury Hills. These service projects could be anything from clearing trails to staining porches.  All of these projects go towards making Asbury Hills even better.

Open House 2019

event photo.jpg

Join us for Open House on April 7th. We will open our gates to welcome everyone to Asbury Hills. Those who attend Open House will be able to try a few of the activities we will have open, take a tour of property and show off camp to their friends and family. This is a free event!

SC Camps & Retreat Ministries Annual Golf Tournament 2019

promo image.jpg

Are you a seasoned golfer? Do you just enjoy the game for fun? Join us for our Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for camper scholarships. You don’t have to be a professional by any means, just enjoy the game! This event will take place in Greenville at the Preserve at Verdae. All proceeds go towards camper scholarships for both Asbury Hills and Camp Providence.

Annual Camp Gathering: An Alumni Event

promo image 1.jpg

June 3rd will be the 3rd Annual Camp Gathering event set to take place during Annual Conference at the Greenville Convention Center. This event will include a meal, fellowship with other alumni of Asbury Hills, and a guest speaker. Just cover the price of your meal and we will take care of the rest! All proceeds go towards Asbury Hills and Camp Providence.

Summer 2019: UNLEASH

Header Unleash

Our first session of Summer 2019 kicks off June 9th! We are so excited for Summer 2019 to not only explore our theme but continue to live out our mission with our campers. Registration is still open so be sure to register your camper soon! Spaces are filling!

Fall Festival 2019

hayride FB image.jpg

Go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday, October 19th, 2019. Fall Festival will be here before we know it and we would love to see you there! This event is a free event for anyone. We will have a few activities open for you to try, an apple cider press going, bluegrass music, and lunch available for purchase.


With plenty more in store for 2019, we hope you will continue to support and pray for our ministry!


As a partner in our ministry, your support is always appreciated. Your continued prayers, support, and gifts are what keeps our ministry alive. Thank you for partnering with us and being a valued part of SC Camps & Retreat Ministries, Asbury Hills, and Camp Providence.

counselor nicole

It is never too late to give the gift of camp.

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Summer Staff Christmas Party 2018

Each year, we host a Christmas Party for our Summer Staff at Asbury Hills and it always is a blast! Most of the time, our staff think of this gathering as a reunion of sorts so you can imagine the laughter, fellowship and fun that takes place.


We encourage our staff to wear their ‘tackiest’ holiday wear (whatever that may be), their favorite side dish and a gift to exchange after dinner. The funnier the gift, the better!



Don’t forget! We are still hiring for Summer 2019! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Summer Camp Director, Sarah, via email or by calling 864.836.3711. More information on Summer Staffing is available online.

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December Happy Birthdays

Hello December and hello December staff birthdays! Please help us wish this summer 2018 staff member a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Image



Elizabeth AKA Ninja

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From the Staff: Ann Marie

“On my own, I could never be the perfect counselor that I so desired to be. I didn’t know all the right words to say, the right things to do in every situation. But that was okay, because it wasn’t up to me.”

–Ann Marie


Ann Marie and a group of campers in the creek.

Do you remember counselor Ann Marie?! Chances are you do because she has served on staff as a counselor at Asbury Hills for a few years now. We asked Ann Marie her thoughts about being a counselor at Asbury Hills and we think you’ll like what she had to say. Ann Marie is great at what she does and she shares where her inspiration comes from so keep reading!

“I’ve wanted to be a camp counselor since I was 9 years old. The summer of 2008 was my first time at a summer camp, and I remember asking my counselor on the second day how old I had to be to be a counselor. When she told me the answer, I didn’t think I would ever be that old. When I was, I applied to work as a camp counselor at Asbury Hills. Then the fear crept in. The counselors I had growing up were amazing. In my mind, they were perfect. They were incredibly strong Christians who lived their lives perfectly reflecting His love every day. Growing up, I strived to be just like them. But walking into my first summer on staff at Asbury Hills, I knew I was nowhere near perfect, so how could I be a counselor? My first week with campers, there were so many times that I didn’t know what to do or say, and at first I listened to the lies in my head—that I wasn’t good enough to be a counselor. My counselors that I had looked up to all my life always knew just the right thing to say to encourage and uplift me in my faith when I was struggling. They always seemed to have the answer, always seemed to know what they were doing. And in my mind, they did it perfectly. So when campers came and I wasn’t perfect, I felt like I wasn’t a good enough person–a good enough Christian–to be a camp counselor. Which was so incredibly confusing, because I knew that God had been calling me for most of my life to camp ministry, so why did I feel so bad at it? But over that summer, I saw in such a practical way the meaning of the phrase “He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” On my own, I could never be the perfect counselor that I so desired to be. I didn’t know all the right words to say, the right things to do in every situation. But that was okay, because it wasn’t up to me.


In Luke 12:11-12, Jesus says to his disciples, “Do not worry about how you will defend yourselves, or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”

Jesus never promised me that I would be a perfect counselor. If I look to Him, and lean on His wisdom and guidance, I won’t necessarily be perfect, but I will be exactly the counselor these campers need me to be. Only in Him will I have the words to say and be able to constantly pour myself out for the campers and my fellow staffers. Only in Him can I be the best counselor for these kids, like my counselors were for me.

I would encourage anyone who is considering working at Asbury Hills to go for it, despite any fears they may have. When we follow God’s calling for our life, He enables us to do whatever it is beyond the best of our abilities. He qualifies the called.”


Staff applications for Summer 2019 are live on our website. If you know of someone looking for a summer job that will change their life, send them our way. All questions can be directed to Sarah Moseley, our Summer Camp Director.

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Giving Tuesday 2018: Thank You!

Giving Tuesday was just a few days ago and we are so grateful for all who participated by giving to SC Camps & Retreat Ministries. This global day of giving happens every year and each year, we are so grateful to see donations coming in.

Dated IG photo 2.jpg

In years past, over two million gifts were made from over 150 countries around the world totaling more than $300,000,000. If you participated in Giving Tuesday this year, in any capacity, you are a part of this movement! How incredible that we are able to come together as a world and give?

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all who participated and gave the gift of camp this Giving Tuesday. Of course, if you missed it, it is never too late to give the gift of camp. Your tax deductible donation will go far in ensuring that anyone who steps foot onto our properties has the best experience possible.

From our camp family to you, thank you. Thank you for making our ministry possible!

Happy Holidays!

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#CampTshirtDay 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in Camp T-Shirt Day this year!

Each year we get more and more folks showing their love for Asbury Hills by wearing their favorite camp t-shirt. Here are a few of many who sported their Asbury Hills gear.




Until next year, thank you for showing your love for Asbury Hills!

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This Month: Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner and we hope you join us on this global day of giving! If you missed our last blog about Giving Tuesday, you can find it here.

2018 IG FB photo

In short, every year, people and organizations around the world participate in this global day of giving. We would love it if you joined us this Giving Tuesday!

How can you do your part this Giving Tuesday?

  1. Put aside time and resources to give on November 27th, 2018–Giving Tuesday.
  2. Share with your friends and family that you participated in Giving Tuesday. *Facebook always has great temporary profile photo options for this!
  3. Plan ahead and join the world in giving this month!

What will your undesignated gift to towards?

Your gift will go towards ensuring we are doing everything we can to make Asbury Hills & Camp Providence the absolute very best it can be for our campers and retreat groups.  You gift will make sure every camper has the opportunity to experience summer camp and every retreat group member gets the best experience possible.

What is the next step?

Save the date and plan to give! Don’t worry, we will be sure to keep reminding our followers about Giving Tuesday.

Facebook Cover Photo 2018

We hope you join us for this global day of giving. Not only will you be supporting Asbury Hills & Camps & Retreat Ministries but you will be showing your support for non-profit organizations across the world!

Make Your Mark.

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