Camp Pastor Rebecca | Week 5 2019

Camp Pastor Rebecca is back! Rebecca is joining us for another summer at Asbury Hills and we are thrilled! Camp Pastor Rebecca will be with us July 21-26!


Rebecca Rowell is Minister of Children and the Social Media Specialist at St. John’s UMC in Anderson, South Carolina.

Rebecca and Hailey

This is her third summer serving as a Camp Pastor at Asbury Hills so we hare happy to have her back.

Interested in learning what Camp Pastor Rebecca’s favorite movie is? Or what about her goals for this summer? Click the photo below to head to her introduction video.


Interested in attending Asbury Hills the same week that Rebecca is with us?! Great! There are a few spots left so we would love to have you. Camp Pastor Rebecca will be at Asbury Hills July 21-26. If you are interested in registering, click here. Of course, if you have any questions about summer camp at Asbury Hills, feel free to reach out to Sarah, our Summer Camp Director, by calling 864.836.3711 or shoot her an email.

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Camp Pastor Andrew |Week 4 2019

Woo Hoo! Camp Pastor Andrew is back for another summer! Joining us July 14-19 is Camp Pastor Andrew!


Andrew is the pastor at both Liberty UMC and Cherokee Springs UMC in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He lives in Spartanburg with his family! We are THRILLED to have Camp Pastor Andrew back for another summer at Asbury Hills. He will be with us for week 4–July 14-19.

What is Andrew’s favorite movie at the moment? What is he planning to pack for his week at Asbury Hills? All those answers and more are in his introduction video. Click the thumbnail below to check it out!

thumbnail.jpgWe are so excited to have Andrew back for another week at Asbury Hills. If you are interested in registering for his week of camp, click here. Registration spaces are filling quick! Will see you July 14-19?!

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From the Staff: Andrew

Andrew is coming back on staff at Asbury Hills for Summer 2019 as a Program Coordinator. Andrew was a camper at Asbury Hills before he started on summer staff a few years back.

Andrew Again.jpg

After catching up with Andrew about his thoughts on working at Asbury Hills, we felt like it was too good not to share!


“Working at Asbury Hills it is evident that God is at work in the lives of campers and staffers. As a staff, you will find the kind of lifelong friends who will challenge you in your faith, hold you accountable to living a life that is pleasing to God, and lift you up when you are going through trials.


For me, working at Asbury has been truly a life changing experience, and anyone who’s wondering whether Asbury Hills is for them should give it a shot and see how God rocks their summer.”

-Andrew W.

We are still hiring for Summer 2019! Do you know any college aged guys who would love to serve as a counselor this summer? Send them our way! More information is available on our website or you can email our Summer Camp Director, Sarah!

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Open House 2019

Open House 2019 was a success! The weather was perfect and the rain was sure to steer clear of Asbury Hills between the hours of 1pm and 5pm.


This year, we welcomed folks onto our property to explore, tour, and see what all Asbury Hills has to offer. Open House is the perfect opportunity to show off camp to friends and family. It is also the perfect chance for first time campers to see exactly what they can expect for their week at Asbury Hills this summer.

On Sunday, April 7th, we opened our archery range and our rock wall for our guests to try out.



We had a few of our Summer 2018-2019 staffers leading tours to show folks some of our our other activities and facilities.

More photos are on our Facebook page!

Did you know we are STILL HIRING for Summer 2019? If you know any college aged folks looking for a summer job, send them our way!

We are also still taking registrations for Summer 2019–but hurry! Spaces are filling quick.


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Introducing: Waldo Photos!

We have exciting news! We have updated our photo sharing service! We are so thrilled to be working with Waldo Photos to bring our camper parents and guardians an even better photo experience during your camper’s session at Asbury Hills.

IG FB intro image

What is Waldo Photos? How does it work? What does it cost? Those questions and more are answered below! Consider this your own personal FAQ page for all things photo sharing with Asbury Hills and Waldo.

First things first, why are we now working with Waldo Photos?

Glad you asked! Over the last few years, we noticed that while our photo service wasn’t bad by any means, it could be better. So, Why Waldo Photos? The owner and founder of Waldo Photos is a camp dad. He knows what is like to search through dozens of photos looking for his camper. He understands what camps need in a photo sharing service. He gets camp.

Who is Waldo?

Waldo is photo-finding phenom who uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo app, with notifications for new photos.

How does Waldo work?

You submit a photo of your camper’s face and enroll in the service. Waldo does the rest-matching that photo to all the photos in our camp album sending you all YOUR camper’s photos to your phone via the Waldo app.

How do I sign up?

We will be sending out a sign-up link soon to all of our 2019 parents and guardians. Should you opt in to use the facial recognition photo delivery service, you’ll be directed to download the Waldo App. You’ll need a join code (we will send you that, too!) and a pin number. Waldo will send you the pin number once you submit the join code.

Will Waldo share my selfie or matched photos with the world?

No way! Waldo respects your privacy! Your photos will only be accessible by you. (And you had to enter your camp join code and a pin code verification to even access the photos.) It’s up to you whether you want to share your photos with the world.

Can I easily share all the photos with my family?

Great news for you! The Waldo app allows you to invite up to 6 family members to your camper’s photo stream. That means they can get the same photo alerts and see all of your camper’s photos, too.

What does it cost to use the facial recognition photo delivering service?

The cost to enroll in the facial recognition photo delivering service is $11.99. Half of that goes towards our camper scholarship fund at Asbury Hills. Waldo believes in camping and believes that camp scholarships are super important to making sure each child has the opportunity to attend summer camp!

Do I have to sign my camper up for facial recognition photo delivery service to see photos?

Absolutely not! While Waldo loves to find and send you photos, he also provides a free web gallery for you to view photos online. You can view, download, and share photos from the web gallery. We will be sending that link out soon, too!

Can I still order prints?

Yep! You can order prints from the Waldo App or the web gallery.

We are thrilled to work with Waldo to bring our parents and guardians the best photo services! Not only are we updating our photo sharing service, we have also hired 2 photographers this summer to make sure Waldo has plenty of photos to share with you!

Over the next few months leading up to camp, we will be sharing more information about Waldo. Camper parents and guardians will receive the standard email prior to check-in with plenty of information about Waldo and camp in general. There will also be plenty of information available, along with the join code for Waldo at check-in. As always, feel free to email Paige with any questions.

We hope you are as excited about working with Waldo as we are!



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Camp Pastor Laura-Allen | Week 3 2019

Camp Pastor Laura-Allen is back!! We are so excited to have Camp Pastor Laura-Allen back for week 3 at Asbury Hills for Summer 2019.


Laura-Allen is one of the pastors at Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Not only has Laura-Allen been a camp pastor at Asbury Hills for 2 years, she also enjoys hiking at Asbury Hills and going on retreats with members from her church.

What are some of Laura-Allen’s favorite activities at Asbury Hills? What is the one thing she will not forget to pack? Click the image below to watch her introduction video.


We are so excited to have Laura-Allen back for a third summer! She will be at Asbury Hills July 7-12 and it is not too late to register! Click here to register for Summer 2019 at Asbury Hills.

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Camp Pastor Jonathan | Week 2 2019

Camp Pastor Jonathan is joining us again this summer at Asbury Hills! If you are registered for June 16-21, 2019 then Jonathan will be your camp pastor!


Jonathan is the senior pastor at Travelers Rest United Methodist Church in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Jonathan and his wife, Rebecca, live in Travelers Rest with their two children; Edward and Mary Elizabeth.

We got a chance to chat with Camp Pastor Jonathan so if you are interested in seeing that, click the YouTube thumbnail below!

Find out what Camp Pastor Jonathan’s favorite activities are some of his favorite things from the Asbury Hills Camp Store!

Are you interested in sending your camper to Asbury Hills for the week that Jonathan is with us? Great! There are still spaces but hurry–registrations are filling quick! Register here for Week 2 of Summer 2019.

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From the Summer Staff: Faith

“Asbury Hills brought me my people. My people that will support me and push me closer to the Lord each and every day, and for that I am forever thankful.”
–Faith O.


Faith was a counselor for Summer 2018 at Asbury Hills. She not only traveled to a different state to spend the summer at camp but stepped way out of her comfort zone and served as a counselor.

We got a chance to hear first hand from Faith about her experience as a summer staffer at Asbury Hills. Her story is an amazing one so feel free to keep reading to hear from Faith!


Trevor, Perry, Ridge (top)
Meriwether, Faith, Addie (bottom)

“When I first went to write this, I realized how hard it is to put into words my experience at Asbury Hills this past summer. When asked to describe my experience at camp, my mind races to a million different places. How do you describe something that is so indescribable?

This summer, I was so blessed to receive the opportunity to work at Asbury Hills as a summer camp counselor. I had first heard about Asbury through someone who was a counselor for multiple summers a couple of years ago. He told so many fun stories that he experienced and talked about how much camp meant to him, and I desired that same experience. I knew that I needed more. More than my typical summer job working at a restaurant. More than staying home in Florida. More than the plan that I had created for myself. I needed an experience that would push me in my faith, help me grow as a leader and transform me, and camp did exactly that. When I first even thought about the idea of working at Asbury Hills, I really doubted myself. I doubted my ability as a counselor and my personal faith. I was scared to travel hundreds of miles away from my home. I didn’t think that I would have what it would take to pour into campers. I was so scared of the unknown. Despite my doubts, I knew that God was calling me to more. God called me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I am forever grateful that He did.

I saw camp as an experience that I could use to serve the Lord and pour my heart into campers. Working at camp not only did these things, but also helped to reveal the Lord’s faithfulness. This summer really revealed to me that the Lord has plans for me that are SO much greater than my own. This is something that I had always heard of in church growing up, but I never truly experienced. The idea of letting myself go and letting God take control of my life was something that was honestly very foreign and scary to me. How could I trust a plan that is so unknown? I know first-hand that once you truly and whole-heartedly put your trust in the Lord and His plan for your life, you begin to grow into the person that He has called you to be. Throughout the summer, God revealed time and time again His love and faithfulness. Through the good days and the bad days, God’s presence was always so visible. His love was made evident through the campers that He placed in my life and the experiences that would bring me both joy and sadness. Through the devotion times with my campers, God revealed Himself through my vulnerability. I have struggled in the past with being open and honest about things that I have experienced throughout my lifetime. I was pushed to be open and vulnerable about myself and soon came to realize that the experiences that I shared related to my campers. This vulnerability was shown solely through God’s presence.

Working at Asbury Hills brought me more joy than I thought I would ever experience. This might surprise people because I am not known for loving the outdoors, but it’s so true! Camp brought me so many amazing experiences and lifelong friendships that I know I will have forever. Asbury Hills brought me my people. My people that will support me and push me closer to the Lord each and every day, and for that I am forever thankful.

Being on staff at Asbury Hills was such an incredible and growing experience for me. Having the opportunity to help campers grow in their relationship with the Lord while also growing in my own faith is such a moving experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord sent me to South Carolina to work as a summer camp counselor. If you have any thought going through your mind about possibly applying to work at camp, whether it be a counselor or not, I strongly recommend that you just do it (insert Shia LaBeouf here.) Push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the unknown and see what God does through you.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God already has His plan ready for you. Fully put your trust in Him and see how He will transform you and use you to further His kingdom.”


We are still hiring for Summer 2019. If you know anyone looking for a summer job that will truly make an impact, send them our way! For more information about Summer Staff for Summer 2019, feel free to visit our website or contact our Summer Camp Director by emailing




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Camp Pastor Martha| Week 1 2019

“This week at camp will help you unleash your faith so you can experience the freeing love and grace that can only be found in Jesus.”

–Camp Pastor Martha

It is that time of year again! We are excited to start introducing our Camp Pastors for Summer 2019.

Joining us for Week 1, introducing Camp Pastor Martha!

Martha 2

Rev. Martha Timmons graduated from Duke Divinity School is currently serving at St. James United Methodist Church in Spartanburg as the Director of Children and Youth Ministries.


This is Martha’s 3rd summer serving as a camp pastor at Asbury Hills–she is great!!

We got a chance to catch up with Martha and ask her a few questions about spending a week at Asbury Hills this summer. Check it out below!

What are your connections to Asbury Hills?

I have more connections than I can count on my hands with Asbury Hills. I grew up coming to camp as a child and teenager; then I served as a CIT (counselor-in-training), lifeguard, and counselor during my college years. This camp as been in my life for a long time and it’s one of my favorite places to continue coming back to year after year. I love bringing my youth here for retreats!

How do you think our theme, Unleash, will impact campers this summer?

This summer we are going to talk about what it means to unleash your faith and I’m super excited to help campers as they learn what this means for their faith journey. We have so much in this world that tries to hold us back from God (social media, peer pressure, anxiety, depression, pleasures of school/sports, etc.), but at camp we will learn how to unleash our faith and let go of these fears and lies that keep us from living into our faith fully. This week at camp will help you unleash your faith, so you can experience the freeing love and grace that can only be found in Jesus. This week, we will learn how to live into your faith more fully and how to join others in your faith walk. It’s easier when we remember that we are not in it alone and we have others (our new friends or counselors) who will help guide us and be with us on our journey of faith. Thanks be to God that we don’t have to experience life alone! I hope those who attend camp will find God in new ways and will be willing to unleash their faith like never before!


What is one of your favorite activities at Asbury Hills?

One of my favorite things to do at camp is to worship at Mountain Chapel because that is a place where I always feel closest to God. I also always love playing in the creek, even though I am not the best creek hiker. I enjoy this because there is no better place to creek hike than Asbury Hills and no other place I’d rather be.

What is your favorite movie?

I love love love any Disney movie out there, so I’m super pumped to see the new Toy Story movie this summer. I am looking forward to sharing this movie with my daughter as it will most likely be her first movie theater experience.


As the pastor for the week, what are your goals?

It is my hope and goal to connect with campers and staff this summer. I hope to make new friends that will stay in touch with me even after the week of camp is over.

What is the most important thing you plan to pack for your week at Asbury Hills?

When packing for camp, I always remember to never leave behind my flashlight, water bottle, and rain jacket. This was drilled into my head as a camper and what I still to this day tell my youth. But on a more serious note, I like to bring my journal with me because that’s one way I communicate with God in writing my thoughts and prayers down. I encourage you to do the same!

To the campers:

Be open to a week of fun but also open to how you can experience God this week in everything you do. You’ll be amazed at where and how you find God this week if you’re truly open to experiencing God in new ways.

How excited are you to enjoy week 1 with Camp Pastor Martha?! Maybe you’ll get the chance to go creek hiking with her! You’ll definitely get to experience worship at the Mountain Chapel with her.

Are you interested in attending camp the week that Martha is our pastor? Register by clicking here for Week 1 with Camp Pastor Martha! See you in June!


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February & March Birthdays

Please join us in wishing these staff members a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Image



Jordan Hobbs


Ben Johnson


Nicole Timme


Claire Ulmer

March 2019


Lauren Holliday


Julia Nelon


Katelyn Nirella

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