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Beautiful Things

On my way up to Asbury Hills, a song came on the radio – Beautiful Things by Gungor.  I’ve heard the song numerous times but for some reason, this song struck a chord with me that morning.  Maybe it was the way the sun was coming through the trees.


Or the way a retreat group was enjoying fellowship following their meal.


Or the thought that the creek that runs through Asbury Hills continues to flow whether we notice it or not, but when we do pay attention, we realize how wonderful Matthew’s Creek really is.


Whatever it was, I realized that this is what Asbury Hills is all about.  Whether you are a hiker, camper, staff member, retreat guest, or someone who got lost on their way to Caesar’s Head and stopped to ask for directions – Asbury Hills is a place where God continues the work of making beautiful things out of us, AND we are able to be still enough to notice.

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