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Asbury Hills Open House!

Mark your calendars for an afternoon of family fun.  We want to see you at the Asbury Hills Open House on Sunday, April 12 from 1:00-5:00pm.  This is a great opportunity to introduce a neighbor to camp, take a tour of where your campers will be this summer, try out some of our activities like the leap of faith and archery, or simply just relax in a rocking chair in the mountains. For questions, please call 864.836.3711.


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Get Outside: Nature Deficit Disorder

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids ages 8-18 spend, on average, more than 53 hours per week using entertainment media.[1]  Childhood obesity, attention disorders, and depression are also on the rise.  Richard Louve argues these two statistics are related in his book Last Child in the Woods and has coined the term nature-deficit-disorder to explain the phenomenon. Louve brings together a growing body of research suggesting “direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.”[2]  It is in the unstructured time outdoors that children develop that creativity and problem-solving skills that will make them successful as adults, and there are 10 steps parents can take to prevent nature-deficit-disorder.


  1.  Be a role model! Spend time outdoors together as a family.
  2. Plan a monthly or weekly surprise outdoor adventure.
  3. Organize a monthly outing with your child’s school.
  4. Follow the AAP’s guidelines and limit TV and video games to 1-2 hours a day.
  5. Take a daily or weekly walk together as a family after dinner.
  6. Register your child for an outdoor summer camp like Asbury Hills
  7. Go camping!
  8. Plant a garden.
  9. Buy a field guide.
  10. Link up with one of your great local or national organizations.[3]


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