Fill the Hills with SCCARM

Moving forward after making the decision to cancel our traditional summer camp for Summer 2020 means ensuring camp will still be around after this season has passed.


Dear Camp Family,

We can only imagine how difficult things have been for you to navigate over the last few months, and again we are saddened by the cancellation of our traditional summer camp this year. We know the life changing impact of a positive summer camp experience at Asbury Hills. We would have completed our 59th summer of camping. As we begin to sift through our current status as a ministry and look ahead to what is on the horizon, we know that we will not be able to do it with you. As with the financial hardships of so many of our camper families, we here at Asbury Hills and Camps & Retreat Ministries find ourselves seeking out a path to future sustainability. Although many adjustments have been made with staff and resources to try and insure that we are financially viable and able to show up strong next summer, we are asking those who are able, to join us on our “Fill The Hills” campaign. After a devastating loss of revenue this past spring and summer we will need your help to insure that Asbury Hills is here for years to come, and that the surrounding hills are once again filled with fun, fellowship, laughter, and the loving spirit of Gods people, long after we get through a time such as this.

Your donation of any size will be truly appreciated. Your graciousness to consider helping our ministry is a true blessing and we are so thankful to call you a member of our camp family.

Making a donation online is simple. Just click here to be redirected to our donation webpage where you can choose the tax deductible amount you wish to give. Be sure to select our ‘Fill the Hills’ fund. Thank you in advance for helping to insure that Asbury Hills will be here for generations to come.

With Deepest Respect & Gratitude,

Arthur W. Spriggs

Executive Director


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Family Adventures for Summer 2020

As you may have seen, we did have to suspend summer camp for Summer 2020. The safety of our staff and guests is our first priority and while knowing camp as we all know isn’t happening this summer, we are excited to do something a little different.

For Summer 2020, and possibly the only time this will ever happen, we are thrilled to introduce our Family Adventure at Asbury Hills! What is Family Adventure? Who gets to go? How do you register? When can you go? This blog post will answer any and all of our questions!

The bottom line: We want to give our camp families the opportunity to set themselves apart from the busy world we live in while still maintaining the excitement of camp. We also knew this had to be done with safety and health as the first priority. How could we still welcome folks onto property for a summer experience while still keeping safety and health in mind? Family Adventures at Asbury Hills is our answer!

What is Family Adventure at Asbury Hills?

You and your family now have the opportunity to book an extended stay at Asbury Hills (minimum of 2 nights) as it fits your individual schedules. Your price per night (below) includes meals, a cabin just for your family, and your favorite, classic Asbury Hills activities and experiences.

Why was summer camp cancelled if it is safe to have Family Adventure?

The decision was made to not allow summer camp because of the desire to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. You can read more about that decision by clicking here. With Family Adventures, we are able to limit the number of people coming and going on property. Since families have been staying home together, they are able to share a sleeping space at camp without worrying about social distancing where as summer campers would be coming from all over the share a sleeping space. We also know that if families are experiencing camp together, they are more likely to follow our guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

What the guidelines in place to help keep my family safe during our Family Adventure?

We are asking that all people who step foot onto our property practice the 3 Ws. WEAR a mask when social distancing isn’t possible. WAIT to allow at least 6 feet between your family and other families. WASH your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer often. If anyone in your family is showing symptoms of COVID-19, as outlined by the CDC, or has been in contact with anyone who was showing symptoms OR tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home. We ask that you are monitoring you and your family’s symptoms at least 14 days prior to your arrival to camp. Once you register, you will receive more details on safety at Asbury Hills!

How do I book my Family Adventure?

Call our office at 864.836.3711 and you can book your Family Adventure over the phone with our Reservations Specialist. Easy as that! Once you book and confirm, you’ll receive your contract and waivers to get you ready to check-in.

How much does a Family Adventure cost?

Our price is per night with a 2 night minimum. For $300 per night, your family of 4 will get 3 complementary meals (dinner after you check-in, breakfast the following morning and then lunch), a cabin to yourselves, and access to some of your favorite Asbury Hills activities.

What if my family is larger than 4 members?

No problem! Our price per night (with a 2 night minimum) is for a family of 4. If you have more than 4 members, the cost is $65 per person 5 years old and up. Additional family members under the age of 5 are free!

What if my family is smaller than 4 members?

Our price per night is created for a 4 member family. If your family is smaller than 4, you will still be asked to pay the set price per night. You are more than welcome to include other members of your family to join you!

How many family members are allowed per cabin?

We have a maximum of 8 per cabin.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

We have a lot more information including a recommended packing list and more questions and answers on our website! (Linked there.) Be sure to check it out and as always, feel free to email or call with any questions.

We are so excited to be able to offer Family Adventures and we hope you are excited, too! This will probably never happen again so be sure to book your Family Adventure soon!

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SCCARM Experiences Changes

South Carolina Camps & Retreat Ministries welcomes Chris Hulme as the Interim Director of Programs and Operations for SC Camps & Retreat Ministries.

lake chapel SCCARM logo

Chris has been with Asbury Hills for over 14 years and has served as a summer staffer all the way to the Director of Retreats and Recreation and now joins the ministry in his new position as Interim Director of Programs and Operations.

With the cancellation of summer camp this year, the ministry has had the opportunity to evaluate several different facets of how we operate. As of June 1, 2020, the position of Asbury Hills Director has been eliminated.

Along with new direction often come hard goodbyes. We pause to say, “Thank You, David Rouse!” for more than 5 years of service to Asbury Hills as Camp Director. It is has been a joy to watch David’s children, Scott and Kassidy, grow and mature at camp. The entire Rouse family has impacted the lives of so many people through this ministry. We wish David and his wife, Susan, the best in this new direction that God is leading them.

Chris will be responsible for programs and operating procedures at Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center, Camp Providence Day Camp, and Sea Islands Camp & Retreat Center. This new direction offers exciting opportunities that will allow us to put our faith and trust in God’s plan for this most important ministry.

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May Birthdays

Hello May and hello May Summer Staffer birthdays!

Happy Birthday Image

Join us in wishing these 2019 Summer Staffers born in May a very happy birthday!


Addie Reed


Jordan Bruner


Logan Bragg

Logan B.

Megan Abbott


Sabrina Mannix


Seth Seidner


Trevor Brock


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April Birthdays

Let’s wish these folks a happy April birthday!

Happy Birthday Image


Ben Howard

Ben H.



Ben Skelton2

Ben S.

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Camp Pastor Drew | Week 6 2020

Say hello to our week 6 camp pastor for Summer 2020–Camp Pastor Drew! This will be his first summer as a camp pastor so we are thrilled to welcome him to the camp family!

drew 1

Drew Clemmons is the Director of Middle School Ministries at Covenant UMC in Greer, South Carolina. While this is Drew’s first summer as a camp pastor, he is no newbie to Asbury Hills.

drew 2

He has spent time at Asbury Hills during retreat groups with Covenant!

We are so excited to have Drew for week 6! Click the photo below to watch his intro video and hear his excellent impression from a popular Disney movie.


If you are interested in sending your camper to Asbury Hills when Drew will be there, be sure to register your camper for week 6!

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Camp Pastor Andrew | Asbury Hills Summer 2020

Guess what?! Camp Pastor Andrew is back for another summer at Asbury Hills! We are so excited to have him back and we know you all are thrilled, too.

Andrew Wolfe

Join Camp Pastor Andrew for Week 5 at Asbury Hills. Not only will we get to spend the entire week with Camp Pastor Andrew, his family will be making a few appearances during the week as well.

Wolfe Family

Camp Pastor Andrew is a pastor in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is no newbie to Asbury Hills–not only has be been a Camp Pastor for the last few years, he also worked at Asbury Hills a while back. Andrew also serves on the South Carolina United Methodist Camps & Retreat Ministries Board of Directors so it is very obvious that Asbury Hills is near and dear to his heart.

Click the photo below to watch Andrew’s intro video!


If you are interested in sending your camper to join Andrew for his week of camp, be sure to register for week 5 and register soon!

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Asbury Hills Construction Update

Ready for some good news? Crews are still working very hard on our NEW pool, NEW pool house, and sport courts. Would you like to see the progress so far?

cover photo

We are so thankful that construction has been able to continue at Asbury Hills. Of course, the safety of the construction crew is the most important thing. While our gates are closed to guests, they are still able to safely continue work on this project.

As you may remember, we announced back in September that we were moving forward with Phase 1 of the Asbury Hills Master Plan. You can read that full post here but to briefly summarize, we got approval from our board to start construction on Phase 1.

This means that we were able to start preparing the site for the new pool, new pool house, and sport courts along with the demolition of the old pool. While there have been quite a few rain days that have put a delay on construction, progress is still being made!



This photo was taken during the preparation process for construction.

As of March 28, 2020:

Exc 1 smaller

This photo was taken from above the cabins. You’ll notice the top of the Creekview Center (formerly known as the Rec Shelter) at the right towards the top. You’ll also notice that you can sort of see the Dining Hall through the trees in the top of the photo and to the left.

Exc 2 smaller

Framing for the Pool House and new pool are in place! This photo was taken from over the Creekview Center.

Check back soon for more updates! For more details on this project including details on what is happening and more information on how YOU can be involved, click here.

Interested in doing your part? Donate now.

Thank you for helping us bring this vision to life!

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Camp Pastor Laura-Allen | Week 4 2020

Guess who is back for another summer at Asbury Hills?! Camp Pastor Laura-Allen! We are thrilled to have Laura-Allen back for Summer 2020 during Week 4.

LA 3 final

Laura-Allen is a pastor at Advent United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. You may recognize her because she has been a Camp Pastor at Asbury Hills for quite a few summers. You could call her a professional camp pastor!

LA 5

LA 4

Laura-Allen shared some things she is looking forward to this summer in her intro video. Click the photo below to watch it!


If you are interested in being at camp with Laura-Allen, click here to register. You can also click here to see what camps are already on a wait list.


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Bring Camp Home: Hobo Dinner

Here we are with another way to bring camp home during this time of uncertainty. Bringing camp home can help distract and encourage your family and we are here to help! Need a fun, family dinner idea? Check this out!

cover photo

At Asbury Hills, our campers (older elementary-senior high aged) spend a night camping out. We call this ‘Home-In-The-Woods’ or HIW. Groups hike out to a campsite on property, set up sleeping quarters, collect fire wood and begin preparing their meal. This is a huge bonding time for groups and tons of memories always come out of this experience. One favorite among campers and summer staffers is the meal–Hobos. This meal is super easy to prepare. So easy that you can do it at home!

The Ritter family, summer camp pros for sure, took the time to prepare this meal this weekend. They also shared some photos and gave us permission to share with you all!





How cool?! And chances are, you already have some of these ingredients at home. Here is the recipe card–feel free to screenshot and save for later.

hobo recipe card

As always, if you want to share photos of your family and how you all #BringCampHome, be sure to tag us so we can see!

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