October Birthdays

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to our 2019 summer staffers with October birthdays!

Happy Birthday Image


Ridge Clark


Sarah Mercer


Faith Olson2


Katie Wray

Katie W.

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The Vision is Here: We Need Your Help!

We are constantly working to make Asbury Hills even better.

The vision is here photo

Asbury Hills Camp & Retreat Center, which is governed by the South Carolina United Methodist Camps & Retreat (SCCARM) Board of Directors, has a multi phase master plan and just last week, the SCCARM Board gave approval to move forward with continuing Phase 1 of that master plan.

What is Phase 1? What exactly did the SCCARM Board approve? How much does it cost? How is it getting funded? How will it benefit campers and retreat guests? What will it look like? Where will it be at Asbury Hills? When will it be complete? All of these questions AND MORE are answered below.

coming soon.jpg

What is Phase 1 of the Asbury Hills Master Plan?

Phase 1 entails the removal of the old swimming pool and the addition of a brand new aquatic complex including a new, upgraded swimming pool, new bath house with restrooms and changing areas, basketball court, and volleyball court. Also included in Phase 1 is a multipurpose worship center, which is slated to go where the old pool currently sits giving the new building the perfect home right in main camp.

How will this benefit campers and retreat guests?

By continuing Phase 1, not only will this pave the way for new things to come, but this will also supply immediate benefits to our guests and campers. Once this portion of Phase 1 is complete, both campers and retreat guests will have access to a brand new, upgraded swimming pool, bathhouse, and sport courts. Once this portion of Phase 1 is complete, this will allow us to work toward approval for the next portion of Phase 1, which is the multipurpose worship center.

What exactly did the SCCARM Board approve?

The SCCARM Board approved the continuation of Phase 1. This approval includes preparing the site for the new pool, construction of the new pool, bath house, basketball court, and volley ball court. While this approval DOES NOT construction of the multipurpose worship center, this approval DOES help pave the way towards our next step in Phase 1, which is the multipurpose worship center.

How much does this continuation of Phase 1 cost?

With exciting, new projects like this, there is always a cost. Right now, the cost for this continuation of Phase 1 (preparing the new site and construction of the new swimming pool, bath house, basketball court, and volleyball court) is $1.5 million. While we have already started collecting funds, we still need your help! Your two or three year pledged contribution will go so far in bringing this project to life.

How is this getting funded?

SCCARM needs you. Camps & Retreat has launched an immediate fundraising campaign to secure the funds towards this continuation. Thanks to an early feasibility study several of our family and friends are ready to commit to this project, however, we know it will take all of us to bring this vision to life.  If you are interested in contributing to our vision of making Asbury Hills even better, we would love to talk further with you.

Where will this be at Asbury Hills?

Another great question! Imagine yourself walking from the Creekview Center (previously the Rec Shelter) up the road toward the Alpine Tower. About halfway up, close to the Craft Hut is where this new facility will be built.

When will this be completed?

We hope to be able to open by Summer 2020 but we need YOUR help!

bring this to life.jpg

We are so glad to finally share this news! This will not be possible without the financial support and continued prayers of our camp family. If you are interested in helping bring this vision to life, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Feel free to reach out to Paige, our Marketing & Communications Director, for more information by calling 864.298.0125 or emailing her at info@sccarm.org. For major gifts, please contact our Executive Director, Arthur Spriggs, by calling 864.289.0125.

Thank you to your camp family for your support and prayers. Our ministry is a success because of you and we hope to keep moving forward and serving all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal.

donate now.jpg
We are grateful for all the gifts we receive that help keep Asbury Hills a thriving ministry. We ask that your gift to the Phase 1 Continuation campaign should not take the place of your regular gift to Asbury Hills, but be an additional amount, as you feel called to give.
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August & September Birthdays

It is time to start wishing our Summer 2019 Staffers happy birthday and first up is the August and September birthdays!

Happy Birthday Image.jpg

Join us in celebrating these folks and wishing them a happy birthday.


Connor Bragg


Graham Lee


Mary Hanna Rodgers

Mary Hannah

Cameron White



Victoria Chappell


James Dalenburg


Elizabeth Efrid




Ellie Keeter


Rebekah Martin


Jessica Mitchell


Jacob Ragland




Andrew Wetzel2


Jaedon Williamson


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Staff Tell All: Summer 2019

Our Summer Staffers work so hard to make sure our campers have the best summer camp experience they could possibly have. Not only do our staff work the summer pouring into campers, but they also spend the summer building new friendships and growing their faith.

2019 staff tell all.jpg

As we all know, Summer 2019 is over. Not only did we say goodbye to our campers but we also waved farewell to our Summer 2019 Staffers.  Of course, it is not goodbye forever but here are some of their final thoughts from their summer at Asbury Hills.

“Hands down the best summer of my life with some of the most amazing friends.”

–Mary Hannah, Counselor


“This summer has helped me to develop my leadership skills as well as forced me to begin to actually lead a life led by faith.”

–Andrew, Lead Staff

“This summer I grew in ways I was not expecting to. I was blessed to be in a place surrounded by people who love the Lord and have the same goal as me: to share His love with everyone.”

–Faith, Lead Staff

Our staff work so hard to make in impact on campers but many staff will tell you that it is the campers that impact them.


“I can honestly say that this summer has been the best summer ever and it has changed my life.”

–Hannah, Counselor

band LC.jpg

“My experience as a staffer was SO fun and rewarding. Spending the summer as an Asbury Hills staffer taught me so much about being a better leader, follower, and believer.”

–Megan, Worship Team

We are now hiring for Summer 2020 and if you are interested in a summer that could change your life, we hope you will apply! Click here for more information or email our Summer Camp Director.

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Campsick is Definitely a Thing

Are you campsick yet? Campsick is totally a thing and we have a few ideas to help you with your campsickness!

campsick smaller.jpg

Summer 2019 is officially over and we miss campers already! Fear not, Summer 2020 will be here before we know it. In the meantime, here are a few things to help you relive your favorite Summer 2019 memories and cure your campsickness until you can get back to Asbury Hills.

Watch our Summer 2019 Highlight Videos

Everyone got a copy of their week’s highlight video on a flash drive at the end of camp. Did you know we have them all loaded on our YouTube channel in a playlist ready for you to watch? Click here or search Asbury Hills on YouTube, grab a snack and enjoy!

Search the hashtag for the summer on Instagram:


Every post on our Instagram has the hashtag #FaithUnleashedAtAH in the comments. Search that hashtag on Instagram and get to scrolling! Feel free to add that hashtag to your photos, too!

Check out our Facebook page and look through the weekly albums from Summer 2019.

While every photo from each week isn’t loaded on Facebook, there are a few from each week organized into weekly albums. Check them out and be sure to share your favorites with your friends!

Schedule a Church Visit

Why not bring Asbury Hills to your church!? We are ready and willing to visit your church during worship or evening activities to share about opportunities at Asbury Hills. If you are interested in scheduling a free visit with Asbury Hills, email Paige and she will help you get it scheduled.

Join us for Fall Festival

Every year, just as the leaves start turning colors and the air gets a little crisp, we host our Annual Fall Festival. This FREE event is Saturday, October 19th from 10am-5pm at Asbury Hills. You can expect some activities to be open, hay rides, lunch available for purchase, and the chance to see your favorite summer staffers.

blog image.jpg

Bring your youth group or church to Asbury Hills for a retreat!

Just because summer camp is over doesn’t mean Asbury Hills closes. We host retreats in the fall, winter, and spring so book your retreat now! Act quickly because spaces do fill pretty quick.

We hope these suggestions help cure your homesickness! As always, keep an eye out on our social media–we are constantly posting updates, photos, and videos. Registration for Summer 2020 at Asbury Hills is just around the corner!

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Summer 2019: All Wrapped Up

That’s right, Summer 2019 has come to an end. While we are sad to see the summer end, we are so thankful for the great memories and experiences this summer brought us.

2019 wrap up image.jpg

At Asbury Hills, we strive to welcome each and every person through our gates with a smile. We strive to serve every person for Christian birth, growth, and renewal and we hope we accomplished that mission this summer. Every year, when we open our gates for campers and staff, we pray for a successful summer. Our idea of a successful summer isn’t just good numbers but good memories, meaningful relationships, and ultimately the best possible summer camp experience.

This summer, our theme was Unleash. Our camp pastors and staff talked with campers about what it means to unleash our faith and ultimately unite with others in our faith. With reference to Matthew 17:20, campers learned that even with faith just the size of a mustard seed, anything is possible.


“I think the mustard seed was a great visual for my son. I love that he came home with one to keep in a special place as a reminder.”

–Summer 2019 Camper Parent

Not only did our campers get the chance to try a ton of new things, they also got the chance to build relationships with our staff and other campers.


“Both of our boys absolutely love Asbury Hills and have had great experiences each year they’ve attended! They love the variety of activities, the fun counselors who seem to be great Christian role models, and the welcoming environment.”

–Summer 2019 Camper Parent

We are so thankful for the support of our camp family. Summer 2019 went by so fast! Don’t forget to keep any eye out on our social media for when registration opens for Summer 2020.

In the mean time, check out our YouTube channel to see the highlight videos from Summer 2019.


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Love Gift Ceremony 2019

It is that time of year again! Every year, we end our summer with a dinner to celebrate our staff followed by our annual Love Gift Ceremony. It is always a special time for our staff!

blog photo 2.jpg

What is our Love Gift Ceremony? It is exactly what it sounds like–a ceremony that our summer staffers exchange a love gift. What is a love gift you ask? It is a gift that each staffer makes for someone else, of which they drew their name at the beginning of the summer. The entire summer staff all draw a name and keep it a secret all summer while they work to make (emphasis on ‘make’) a gift for their person. At the end of the summer, the surprises are revealed and there is so much love!

This is such a special event for our staff. Usually, these gifts are gifts that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Camp is a special place in and of itself so if you tack a meaningful gift on to it, it really holds a special place in your heart.

You may have noticed a theme with the outfits. Each year, our staff decide on a theme for the event. Our Food Service director prepares a meal based on that theme and we decorate the dining hall to tie it all together. We also encourage our staff to dress up! Can you guess the theme for this year?!

Here are a few photos from our 2019 Love Gift Ceremony!









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Banquets at Asbury Hills

That is right! You can book a banquet at Asbury Hills and pick from our menu full of options sure to please anyone in your group. Our Food Services Director and his team are eager to prepare a meal and serve you!


How do you book a banquet at Asbury Hills? Is there a minimum or maximum of people required per group? What is on the menu? Are there holiday options? All of these answers and more can be found in this blog post!

Who is preparing and serving your meals?

Travis, our Food Services Director, is experienced in the food service industry in many capacities. Travis owned his own restaurant, food truck, and catering business for over 16 years and then moved on to serve as the Food Services Director for summer camp. We are thrilled to bring both the skill set and hospitality Travis has to your group.

How do you book a banquet at Asbury Hills?

Just like our retreat booking process, you can call our Asbury Hills office and talk with Bonnie, our Reservation Specialist, to book your banquet. Be prepared to give Bonnie a number of people in your group, your date preferences and menu choices.

Is there a minimum or maximum of people per group?

We are capable of serving up to 200 people in your group. In order to make it worth your while, we do ask that you have at least 8 people in your group.

What is on the menu?

We have an entire menu complete with entree options, side dish options, deserts, bread, and drinks available on our website. Click here for our Banquet Menu.


Are there Holiday Menu options?

We are working on developing a menu specifically for the holidays so be sure to check back and keep up with our social media for updates!

What is the ideal time of day to book a banquet?

We are equipped to serve banquets for lunch and dinner.

Are banquets an option during every day of the week?

At this time, we are thrilled to offer banquet bookings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Are banquets served buffet style?

Our banquets can be served buffet style or family style. We can also serve plated meals for an additional charge. We also have a list of available upgrades for your banquet. Check back soon for a list of upgrades!


Hopefully this answers all your questions about Banquets with Asbury Hills. If not, feel free to call our office at 864.836.3711 or email foodservice@asburyhills.org.

We hope to serve you soon!

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Family Camp 2019

We just wrapped up Family Camp 2019 at Asbury Hills and it was a blast! What is Family Camp? Who can go to Family Camp? Should you plan to go next summer with your family?


All those answers and a few photos of our awesome weekend are below!

Family Camp is a weekend session we host each summer. We do our best to squeeze as much camp into a weekend as possible for families to experience together. Families arrive Friday evening and stay the weekend with us. Each family gets their own cabin.

All meals are in our dining hall with the other families and staff. We open activities Saturday for families to do together. While some of our ropes activities do have an age requirement, it is still fun for younger children to watch their parents try some activities!


Who can go to family camp? Anyone! You are NEVER to old for camp. Family camp is the perfect opportunity to experience camp as a family.

Here are a few photos from our Family Camp 2019. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see more photos!

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2019 Mock Camp Fire at Annual Conference

This year, during the SC United Methodist Annual Conference in Greenville, SC Camps & Retreat Ministries hosted a mock camp fire for folks to enjoy a little bit of Asbury Hills right there in the Greenville Convention Center.


Complete with ‘flames’ and a little smoke, folks stood around the ‘fire’ singing songs and telling camp stories. We encouraged everyone to stop by for songs and stories but we also held a drawing for a pair of round trip air fare tickets. Everyone was able to enter the drawing at our table in the exhibit hall. We had a great response to the drawing with over 150 entries!

Congratulations to Joann for winning our drawing!


Once the drawing was over, we encouraged folks to stick around for a few more songs, stories, and s’mores. We couldn’t quite give the full s’more experience since the fire was fake but we did have all the ingredients to get as close to the real thing as we could!


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our mock camp fire. We are so thankful for this ministry and truly appreciate each person who helps us keep it going!














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