5th Annual Golf Tournament

Just a few weeks ago we wrapped up our 5th Annual Camps & Retreat Ministries Golf Tournament in Greenville, South Carolina.  As you all may know, we typically have this tournament the Saturday before Annual Conference starts.  Our hope is that those attending Annual Conference will make the trip a day early, invite others and spend some time on the green raising funds for camper scholarships at Asbury Hills.  This year, we are excited to say that it was a huge success!

Those attending a day early will make the effort to

Invite others


The Details:

What: 5th Annual Camps & Retreat Ministries Golf Tournament

When: Saturday, June 3rd with a 1:00pm shot gun start

Where: The Preserve at Verdae in Greenville, South Carolina

Why: Raise funds for our camper scholarship program with Asbury Hills

A huge thank you to our hole sponsors and donors is due! This event wouldn’t be possible without those who donated to sponsor a hole or donated materials to make the day a success.  All the proceeds go back into camping; which is what we all love so dearly.  At Asbury Hills, we work to provide the camping experience for all campers regardless of their financial situation.  Events like this golf tournament help make those camping experiences happen for campers who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

Donors & Sponsors

Agape Hospice

Asbury Hills

Bryan & Haar

Burgess & Lindsay Metcalf

Caldwell Contractors

Candy Friday Farms

Church Mutual Insurance Company

Clemson YLI

DP3 Architects

Eagle Embroidery & Screenprinting


Green River Adventure

Highland UMC

Hillcrest Dentistry

Kim Welborn

Knight Furniture

Lee Maxwell Roofing

Lloyd Hunter

Morrow Insurance Agency

Nantahala Outdoor Center

Paul & Ruth Ann Frey


Premier Lighting

Preserve at Verdae

Robin Roberts

SC Camps & Retreat Board

SC United Methodist Advocate

St. John’s UMC

Tom Jeffries

Unity Baptist Church

US Foods

Vertical Engineering

Congratulations to our winners in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!


*Thank you to Joel Jones for standing in for Rev. George Howle.*

First Place: Jeff Jaeggi, Mark Cochran, Paul Dunn, Rev. George Howle

Second Place: Geoff Bloomquist, Maralo Torricos, Hamp Randall, Will Randall

Third Place: Tony Dean, Trace Silvers, Stuart Barber, Burns Cale



If you missed this event, we have already set the date for next year’s tournament. It gets better! We are staying in Greenville! Go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2, 2018 at the Preserve at Verdae!

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Check-In at Asbury Hills: 2017

Summer 2017 Staff training is underway so that means that the first week of camp is very close! Checking in your camper is a process we are constantly working to improve.  While we do our best to make it seamless and smooth, it does help to know what to expect.  Even if you have been dropping your camper off at Asbury Hills for years, we suggest reading through this just to refresh your memory! As always, any questions can be emailed to Sarah, our Summer Camp Director.

Station 1: Greeter

This station is located at the gate entrance.  You’ll be waiting behind the gate until we begin registration and open the gate.  Greeters will be there to welcome you to camp.

car line

Station 2: Card Table

This station is down the hill after you enter the gate.  These staff members will greet you at your car and ask for name(s) of your camper(s).  Each camper will have a Green Card that you will get from this station. Green Cards are very important! These cards tell our staff which camp your camper is registered for, which cabin they will be staying in, if they have a balance, if they are missing forms, if they have medications, etc.  There are also last minute questions on the back that our staff will ask to see if any information has changed since you submitted your forms.  At this station, our staff will be sure to run through the registration process and clarify any questions.


Station 3: Rock Pile

This station is a holding station.  In order to avoid cars getting backed up and causing excessive traffic, you will wait at this station until a runner is available.


Station 4: Card Tent

This station is in the grass across the road from the Office.  The staff at this tent will be checking your Green Card(s).  If you answered yes to any of the last minute questions on the back of your Green Card, a red card will be placed on your windshield.  If you are missing any forms, or need to drop off medications, a red card will also be placed on your windshield. If you have a balance or want to add money to your camper’s camp store account, you will take care of that at this station.

If you answered no to the last minute questions, you aren’t missing any paperwork, you don’t have a balance, you don’t have any medications to drop off and you don’t want to add any more to your camper’s camp store account, a staff member will sign the bottom of your Green Card.

If you are leaving the Card Tent with a signed Green Card, you will be directed by the traffic attendant to head to your cabin or lodge.  If you are leaving the Card Tent with a red card on your windshield, the traffic attendant will direct you to the MASH Unit.

traffic attendant

Station 5: MASH Unit

If you have a red card on your windshield, the traffic attendant will direct you to the MASH Unit.  At the MASH Unit, a staff member will greet you and ask to see your Green Card.  The Green Card will tell the staff member exactly why you have the red card on your windshield and they will be able to get everything squared away.  Please be sure to have any missing forms completed and ready to hand to our staff members.  If your campers have medications, please make sure they are out and ready to give to the nurse.  Medications should be in the original containers and clearly labeled with your camper’s name.

Once everything is taken care of at the MASH Unit, a staff member will sign the bottom of your Green Card and direct you to a traffic attendant.  The traffic attendant will direct you to your camper’s cabin or lodge.

card Tent

Station 6: Traffic Attendant

There will be a traffic attendant who will be able to direct you towards your camper’s cabin or lodge.  From here, you will drive to your camper’s cabin or lodge.  We have two pods of cabins and Rice Lodge where campers stay during the week. There will be traffic attendants and staff members to direct you on where to park and assist with unloading your camper’s belongings.

Moving in campers

Remember to have your Green Card handy–your camper’s counselor will be asking for it.  This is a final check to make sure we have everything we need to ensure your camper will have a fun and safe week with us!  You will have the chance to meet your camper’s counselor and see their cabin.  Feel free to help your camper set up their bed space.  Once your camper is moved in and set up, you are free to head home and let us enjoy spending the week with your camper!

Counselor Greeting 2

As you head out, there will be staff members to show you the way out and answer any last minute questions.


We are looking forward to this summer! See you in a few weeks!


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Introducing Camp Pastor Sidney

So far, you’ve met Camp Pastor Ben who will be at Asbury Hills for week 1 (June 4-9).  You have also met Camp Pastor Shawna who will be with us for week2 (June 11-16).  Did you miss those posts? No worries! Simply click their name (it is linked) and it will take you right to their introduction!

We are so excited to have Sidney Attaway with us for Eclipse week! That’s right! Sidney will be the camp pastor for week 4 (June 25-30)!

Sidney comes to us from Greenville, South Carolina.  He is the Youth Director for St. Matthew United Methodist Church.  You may recognize his last name because his brother, Noah, was on staff last summer & Noah will be joining us again this summer!

What is Sidney’s camp experience? Does he have a connection to Asbury Hills? What is he most excited for this summer? Click the photo below to watch the video introducing Sidney.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.47.54 AM

We are looking forward to Eclipse week with Sidney!

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Introducing Camp Pastor Shawna

We are pleased to introduce you to the Camp Pastor for Week 2 (June 11-16)! Shawna Darnall will be joining us for the week to pour into campers and get the chance to experience camp again.  Check out this video to learn more about Shawna and exactly what she is excited for this summer.

What is Shawna’s connection to Asbury Hills? What is her favorite activity? What is the one food she could eat for the rest of her life? Watch the video below to find out!

dscn2234Click the lake to meet Shawna!

We are excited to have you, Shawna!

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Breaking the Noise: Sarah

Breaking the Noise is something that has been on our hearts many months before Summer 2017 will even start. Sarah took some time to share her thoughts.  You don’t want to miss this read.


It is officially one month until summer camp begins and my desk is a mess.  You know the kind right?  Stacks of papers in not so neat piles, at least three half completed “to-do” lists covered with bright multi-colored highlighters, obnoxious sticky notes posted all around to grab my attention, and of course, pieces of yesterday’s granola bar sprinkled throughout the chaos.  On top of my messy granola filled desk, my brain has officially hit “oh my goodness summer is right around the corner” mode.  Which consist of a million different questions and things to remember to do flying through my head faster than my pen can write.  I’m not going to lie, it’s overwhelming.

So overwhelming in fact, I had to step away.  That’s how I ended up at the creek.  Yep, that’s right, while I’m writing this post you’re reading I’m sitting on a rock with my toes in the creek.  Why am I at the creek freezing my toes off instead of getting the day old granola off my most recent to do list?  I’ll tell you.

About a week ago I was in the middle of a busy day where it took everything out of me just to keep up.  After a long morning and early afternoon of summer preparations I was meeting with one of our camp pastor’s for this summer about our theme, Noise.  While we were meeting and discussing Noise we talked about how Jesus often left the crowds that followed Him and “withdrew to lonely places to pray”.  In the midst of His ministry, sharing the good news of His father, Jesus would press pause, break away, and go spend time with God in prayer away from everything.

This time that Jesus withdrew was crucial to His ministry.  Think about it, Jesus’s “to-do list” probably made my granola filled desk look like a joke.  He had thousands following him every day.  I wonder if he ever got tired of hearing his name or felt like he couldn’t keep up with the questions being thrown his way.  If he ever felt like he didn’t have enough time to accomplish everything he knew he needed to do.

That’s when it hit me.  If Jesus had to step away from it all, break the noise surrounding him, to retreat to pray, then I most certainly need to do the same.  That brings me to today and the creek.

I grew up attending this camp and playing in Matthew’s Creek.  I have so many amazing memories by this stream of water, as I’m sure anyone who has spent any time at Asbury Hills has. I love sticking my toes in the water, regardless the season and feeling the cool water embrace me.  Best part of coming to the creek?  It’s quiet.  The only noise is that of nature.  God’s creation in its purest, simplest form.  The creek is my quiet place to withdraw from the to-do list, email notifications, ringing phones, and to connect with Jesus, tell Him thank you and pray.

I needed to break the noise today and come to the creek to pray. Just as God came to Elijah on the mountain in the still quiet, I find him in the cold calm water of the creek.  Gently whispering that He is in this place and has His hand on summer and on my life.  And if I will just be still, listen, and be willing to let my toes get a little cold, He will provide.

Maybe your life is loud right now.  Between school, work, social events, sporting events, kids’ schedules, meetings, and just trying to have a social life, it all can get overwhelming.  In the world we live in it can be easy to become caught up in everyday life.  I hope you take some time today to find your creek and break the noise.


–SARAH MOSELEY, Summer Camp Director


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Introducing Camp Pastor Ben

With week one of Summer 2017 just a few short weeks away, it is time to introduce our first camp pastor! Ben Sloan will be serving as the Camp Pastor at Asbury Hills for the week of June 4-June 9. Continue reading to get to know him! We are excited to have you, Ben!

Ben comes to us from Albemarle, North Carolina where he has been the Pastor at Bethany UMC for almost two years. Ben worked as a counselor for two summers and then helped out when he could for a third.

Sloan Family 1

We asked Ben what he is looking forward to most for his week at camp and here is what he told us:

“I am really looking forward to seeing how things have changed.  I love getting to know the campers and counselors. I also am looking forward to the beauty of the mountains.  I can’t wait to share Asbury Hills with my daughter.  I can’t pick from all of those!”

Ben tells us that his time as a counselor at Asbury Hills made a huge difference in his life.  He is looking forward to to coming back to place that holds such great memories.  He’s also excited to give back and help the Asbury Hills ministry.

We asked Ben to share an embarrassing story with us so he shared one that actually happened at Asbury Hills!

“One week I was on support staff and we got a call from Caesar’s Head that a group of hikers got lost near us.  They asked if we could go out and help them.  Only thing was that it was tacky day at camp so I had my clothes on inside out with nothing matching, and there wasn’t really time to go back and change.  I was the one to find the group and I had to lead them back to Caesar’s Head dressed like that.  I wonder what was going through their heads as they saw me come running up looking ridiculous.”

Ben told us that his favorite superhero is Daredevil.  He didn’t go into why but I can assure you it it would be worth asking him about!  If he had to eat one food item for the rest of his life, Ben would eat pizza.  Why you ask? He had some great reasons:

  1.  It tastes great.
  2. You can mix it up so much.
  3. He heard about a guy in Maryland who has only eaten pizza for the last 30 years and he is doing just fine.

We asked Ben if there was anything he’d like to tell campers and his response was simple yet so important!

“You’re going to have a great time! Soak up every minute of it!”

A week at Asbury Hills seems like a long time but when you’re there, it flies by! We hope that each and every camper coming this summer really takes the time to enjoy everything about camp!

Sloan Family 2

We are looking forward to having Ben Sloan as our pastor for week one (June 4-9).  Make sure you are registered; you won’t want to miss out!

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FAQs: First Time Camper Parent

While it is a big deal to send a camper to camp for the first time, it is also a big deal for parents.  We get it! Sending your child away for the first time is a big step.  We also get that some peace of mind will make it a lot easier.  Here are some frequently asked questions we get from first time camper parents.  Don’t see a question you have? Feel free to email Paige at info@sccarm.org with any questions or send us a message on Facebook!

How old will my camper’s counselor be?

Our summer camp counselors must be over 18 and we prefer for them to have at least one year of college completed. 

Can my camper call me during the week?

Your camper will not have access to a phone during the week.  Their schedule will be to packed full of activities to even have time to think about calling home!

Can I call my camper during the week?

We do not allow calls to campers.  If an emergency comes up, you can always contact our office and someone will deliver the message to your camper. 

My camper takes a daily medication, is there a nurse at camp to make sure he or she gets the medication?

We have a licensed, registered nurse on site at any time campers are.  This nurse will be able to administer any medications to your camper and deal with any medical needs, as well.

How does Asbury Hills hire staff members?

Asbury Hills promotes summer staff starting a few months after the previous summer has ended.  We run ads on our social media accounts, web page, and we even reach out different Wesley foundations from various colleges in South Carolina.  Our staffers apply online and are required to complete a background check and submit at least 3 references.

How can I see photos of my camper during the week?

You can see photos of your camper by going to our website and navigating to the “For Parents” page under the summer camp tab.  You’ll see a yellow button to access photos where you’ll provide your log-in information.  Need assistance? Feel free to call our office at 864.836.3711 and Emily can help you!

What time will my camper eat meals?

Campers will eat breakfast at 8am.  Lunch is at noon and dinner is at 5:45.  These times stay the same throughout the entire week!

What if my camper is a picky eater?

Our Food Services Director is excellent in developing menus sure to please everyone.  There are always alternate options as well as a variety of items for campers to choose from during meal times.

Why does my camper need a sleeping bag?

If your camper is in middle or high school, they will do Home in the Woods where they spend the night camping outside and cooking meals over the fire.  A sleeping bag is perfect for campers to use on their bunk in their cabin, too.

Can my camper bring their cell phone?

We do not allow campers to have any electronic devices on camp.  Even if they could bring their cell phones, they wouldn’t get service!

What if my camper gets homesick?

We train our counselors extensively to handle a homesick camper so there is no need to worry.  If your camper does get homesick, your camper’s counselor is well equipped to make sure they are enjoying themselves.

Can I mail my camper letters? What about care packages?

You definitely can mail your camper letters! You may want to take into consideration how long it takes letters to go through the postal system to plan ahead in mailing your letters.  We don’t advise you to send care packages simply because your camper is in a cabin with up to 13 other campers who may not get care packages.  Your camper will be so busy during the day that they may not even have time to use what you send in a care package!


We hope these answer a few of those first time camper questions.  Of course, if you have more, we are only a phone call or email away!

Phone: 864.836.3711  Email: summercamp@asburyhills.org

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45 Days Until Summer Camp!

Only 45 more days until Summer 2017 officially begins!! Let’s be honest, we started counting down the days until Summer 2017 a long time ago.  Each day as the number gets smaller the air gets warmer, the creek gets less cold and the leaves are getting greener.

What are we missing? The sounds of campers laughing with their counselors, splashing from the lake, the worship band praising God with everyone and the echos of energizers before each meal.  These, my friends, are the sounds of summer that are only 45 days away! That is right! Only 45 days until the first day of Summer Camp at Asbury Hills!


What are you most excited for?

Is it the drive into camp with the perfect view of Table Rock? What about the smiling faces that greet you as you do the last minute check-in for camp? Is it the smell of the cabins as you walk in and set up your camper’s perfect bunk? What about the hug your camper gets from the counselor you are entrusting them with?

Regardless of what it is that you are most excited for, we are simply excited to serve you and your family.  Our mission at Asbury Hills is to serve all people for Christian birth, growth and renewal so we plan to live that out this summer.


What can you expect?

  • We are going to start introducing our staff members in the next few weeks on Facebook and Instagram! Feel free to share them if you know them–we are so happy to have the best staff this summer!
  • Camp Pastors are getting finalized so we will be announcing the official Summer 2017 Camp Pastor Line Up! Trust us, its a good one!
  • Our new activity for the summer is coming together so stay tuned for pictures!

We are only 45 days away from Breaking the Noise at Asbury Hills and we cannot wait!

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A Member of the Family

Asbury Hills has been welcoming campers and retreat groups for 55 years.  Once you camp with Asbury Hills, you are family! Our camp family is so important with us! Speaking of family, we recently spoke with a family with multiple generations of campers.  Jenn Strickland from Columbia shared her opinions about Asbury Hills and how both her and her daughter share the bond of being an Asbury Hills Camper.

Jenn’s advice to first time camper parents is to remember that the campers are in good hands. Something Jenn and her husband enjoy doing is sending emails to their campers and checking out the photos uploaded each day.

Jenn explains that her daughter started with Express Camp with her cousin.  She says that after the shortened week of camp, the girls were ready for a full week the following summer! “She loved it and us parents missed our little girls, however we knew it was great for them to mold into stronger independent girls!”

People often ask us what the meaning of summer camp is and Jenn couldn’t have explained it better.  When we asked Jenn why she felt like it was important for her daughter to experience summer camp, her response was this:

“I wanted my daughter to spend time learning about God and experiencing camping/unity with her cousin.  I wanted her to grow spiritually and learn things on her own without mommy and daddy’s influence.”

While Asbury Hills in South Carolina, our campers aren’t just from South Carolina! Jenn mentioned that her daughter raved about all the new friends she made from all around the USA! She even emails her new friends.

Here are Jenn’s final thoughts–

“This camp is molding our daughter spiritually and helping her develop independent skills for a lifetime! We are so proud of her, the friendships she is gaining and her personal growth in the Lord!”

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Jenn for sharing her thoughts about Asbury Hills! We are always open to hearing other thoughts and stories so if you have anything you’d like to share, please email Paige at info@sccarm.org.



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Open House: 2017

We have wrapped up Open House and it was a great success!! We enjoyed getting to meet new families and campers.  Our visitors were able to try out a few activities like the Rock Wall and Archery.  We have some staff members available to give tours–who wouldn’t want a tour on such a gorgeous day in a beautiful place!

If you missed Open House 2017, we sure missed you! Open House is the perfect opportunity to bring family and friends to show off camp.  We often get families who are interested in camp but want to see the property first.  Do you have friends who might be interested in camp? Open House is the perfect opportunity to bring your friends to prove to them how great Asbury Hills is!

What exactly did you miss out on? Here are some photos that Robert Bradley took for us! If you missed out, remember, there is always next year!!




Check out our Facebook page for more photos from Robert Bradley!

Let the countdown to summer begin!!

Have you registered for camp?! Sessions are filling quickly so don’t miss your chance!

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